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John Voight Accuses Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus of ‘Teaching Treason’

Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight spoke to TMZ about the Women’s March that took place earlier this week.


Voight is an avid Trump supporter, and he made that abundantly clear in his comments on the march, saying “It’s been very serious and very destructive, this marching against the government and the president.”


The cameraman exercised his First Amendment rights to point out that this type of marching is protected under free speech, and Voight begrudgingly agreed. However, he also said “Young people are looking at them, and what are they teaching? They’re teaching treason,” referring specifically to public figures Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus in his statement.


He also accuses them and public figures like them of teaching young people to not accept the will of the president and the government. He may be referring to LaBeouf’s video project “He Will Not Divide Us,” a livestream that started on inauguration day referring to now-President Donald Trump and his efforts to discriminate against certain communities such as women and Muslims. Cyrus was an outspoken participant in the Women’s March in Los Angeles, which was attended by more than 750,000 people and was held to stand up for womens’ rights.


Voight gave the opening speech at Trump’s inauguration in what couldn’t possibly be any more of an opposite event. LaBeouf and Cyrus have not yet responded to Voight’s comments.

Miley Cyrus, Homeless Jesse Helt, and the Moonman for Sale

If the name Jesse Helt rings a bell, you will definitely want to hear just what it is he has been up to recently. For those of you who do not know this name, a little background story is in order. So, everybody remembers when Miley Cyrus went off the deep end and traded in her flannel shirt, cowgirl boots, and long locks for virtually no clothing and a buzzed blonde hairstyle, but few realize just how out there she really was. Sure, licking a hammer was bad enough, but she brought a homeless man to the VMAs in 2014. Okay, what is wrong with that, you ask? Well, it is definitely a nice gesture, but many thought it was a bit strange for her to find a random homeless man to bring to the show, but even more found it ridiculous that she allowed him to accept her award for Video of the Year, which she earned for her hit, Wrecking Ball.

Anyway, Helt accepted the award and nobody heard much from him since then. Recently, however, the homeless man took to eBay to sell his Moonman award. Clearly, the award did not mean that much to the man who once gave a speech about homeless teens seen by millions, but what is seemingly a slap in the face is the fact that he is selling this once in a lifetime award for only $10,100. Despite his studio apartment and sporty new haircut, one can only wonder what he plans to do the chunk of change for the Moonman if he should receive it. The most important question of all, though, is whether or not Miley is happy about this sale.