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Oregon Runner Loses Due to Premature Celebration

Here is to someone who has a lot of explaining to do. Oregon Duck’s Tanguy Pepiot started to coast during the last 100 meters or so during the men’s steeplechase race at the Pepsi Team Invitational. He was trying to get the crowd pumped up for his impending victory.

But that victory never came. While Pepiot was celebrating, the Washington Huskies’ Meron Simon came up at a near sprint level and ultimately won the race.

So what did Pepiot do? Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that he fell to the ground in what is expected embarrassment. This was probably a moment he will learn from in the future.

But for others who witnessed the event, you don’t have to wait till this happens to you to learn from this Oregon runner’s mistake. Whether it is sports, business, or any other part of your life, make sure not to celebrate until the victory is complete and keep your eye on the prize through the very end.