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Teen Mom is Top in Her Graduating Class

Graduating high school is a big deal. You have passed classes, dealt with the social issues and stigma of teenage years, and reached the end of 12 years of education. It is an even more pronounced accomplishment when you are a teen mom with a YouTube following.

Trameka Pope , from Wendell Phillips Academy High School in Chicago, struggled through homelessness and having a baby in her freshman year of high school. Not only was she able to get through high school in four years while caring for her baby girl, she also made it in the top of her class and earned a scholarship for college.

The most important message that Trameka has to send others is to never give up. She was able to excel in her AP classes in high school and was even on the cheerleading team. Trameka was inspired to do so well by watching her baby and not wanting to be a statistic. She wanted to provide a better life for baby and wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way.

Trameka plans on attending Western Illinois University in the fall, with a full scholarship, to become a social worker. She was inspired to do so by her own experience with a social worker that helped her get to where she is now, even in the face of other teachers telling her that it was a waste of time and that she would drop out of high school.