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No Makeup, No Worries: Alicia Keys Reveals Her Clear Face

In recent years, much speculation has surrounded makeup. One side claims that women wear far too much and the other has invented terms to describe their flawless cosmetics, including “On fleek” and “On point.” Regardless of whatever side a person takes when it comes to wearing or ditching makeup, they still expect to see celebrities dressed to the nines. When Alicia Keys showed up to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) bare faced and looking as beautiful as ever, fans had mixed emotions.

With a smile that was as radiant, Keys debuted her face that was free from makeup. Though it was a tad surprising, especially being placed next to a makeup queen like Kim Kardashian, those who believe that the singer is more beautiful naturally were more than excited about her new standpoint. By claiming that not wearing makeup makes her feel empowered as a woman, Keys was not shy that night.

Though all that matters is Alicia’s happiness, her followers could not help but weigh in on the situation. With comments professing their excitement and that she looks more beautiful this way, social media was definitely buzzing with this news. On the opposing end, some fans were more than against Keys’ bare face and made comments claiming that she has gone too far. Some claimed that her anti-makeup movement will not corrupt them and that she can stop right now. With such controversial comments, Alicia Keys had to post an official statement about it: “Y’all, me being makeup free does not mean that I am anti-makeup. Do you!” Well, that is one way to put nosey fans in their place, right?

The Most Epic Photo of All Time Brought to You by the 2016 VMAs

The 2016 VMAs was truly one for the record books. From Beyoncé’s out of this world performance depicting her new album, Lemonade, to Rihanna and Drake revealing the status of their relationship finally, this was a night for fans that they will talk about for decades. Of course, Kanye was given three minutes to pretty much say or do whatever he wanted and, like always, he did not disappoint. When the night came to a close and celebrities began heading to their after parties, the cameras were at the right place and at the right time for one of the most epic pictures of all time.

From left to right: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Steve Stoute and Lauren Branche, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and Diddy and Cassie. A bottle of wine with gorgeous glasses accented the table, and the dinner dishes had just been cleared. With each wife proudly standing behind her husband, there was not a single perfect smile not on full display. Fans of either of these stars cannot help but wonder what the conversations were possibly about. Perhaps money, fame, the epic performances given by most of the stars that night? Did they discuss their children, music, and current events? Regardless of what the topics of discussion included, this picture will probably be seen in record books next to musical and star perfection.

Former AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Recovering From Heart Attack

The former AC/DC drummer, Phil Rudd, explains that he feels fully recovered from the emergency surgery performed after his heart attack. Rudd states that he felt funny while walking around his home. After feeling a pain in his chest, the housekeeper drove him to the hospital where tests revealed that Rudd suffered an artery blockage leading to his heart attack. Thus, he needed to stay in the hospital for surgery to place a stent into his arm.

Rudd will be able to continue with plans of touring in the fall thanks to his recovery from surgery and to the expiration of his post-prison release conditions that he incurred in 2015. One stop he will make in October is to Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He plans to provide a drumming master class while there.

Rudd is not the only former or current member of AC/DC to have serious health issues in recent times. Brian Johnson, a longtime singer of the group, suffered hearing problems that almost rendered him completely deaf. Guitarist Malcolm Young left due to a dementia diagnosis. With these issues happening, Rudd is facing the realization that AC/DC may stop existing. Bassist Cliff Williams made it clear in July that after 40 years and with losing certain members, that now is the time to end the band.

Selena Gomez Announces Plans to Focus on Her Health

Popular singer Selena Gomez has announced her decision to take a break from her career and focus on her health. Having completed part of the Revival tour supporting her 2015 album of the same name, she wants to be “proactive” and try “everything possible to be [her] best,” she explained in a

Before releasing the Revival album, Selena revealed to her fans that she had been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disorder. She recently shared that her symptoms have included depression, panic attacks and anxiety, and she needs to deal with these symptoms before she can concentrate on her musical career. Selena has been praised for drawing attention to the seriousness of lupus, and her supporters are sure to appreciate her candor about the way the disease is affecting her mental health.

Her popular Revival tour was scheduled to last until the end of 2016, but Selena hasn’t commented on which tour dates she’ll be cancelling or how fans can get their ticket prices refunded. It’s unclear if her comments meant she’ll simply be slowing down her grueling schedule; in addition to touring, she’s been busy starring in several films and starting work on producing a television show. Hopefully, Selena will reveal that she’ll finish her tour while recuperating between stops. For now, fans will have to wait for further news from Ms. Gomez.

Britney Spears Upset About Unofficial Lifetime Biopic

Pop princess Britney Spears voiced her disapproval over Lifetime Television’s decision to create an unofficial biopic about her life and career. The crooner’s middle finger at the project, set to begin production in September, leaves many unanswered questions about the film.

Hail Caesar!‘s Natasha Bassett has been tapped to appear as Britney on-screen. Bassett was recently snapped while undergoing some cosmetic changes to prepare for the project. An image that was posted to the starlet’s unofficial Instagram account shows the actress getting her hair dyed blonde.

“Martian on the loose!” the caption read.

Spears’s representative spoke briefly with Entertainment Weekly about the made-for-television movie.

“This production is not endorsed by Britney,” the representative stated. “The film does not have the approval of my client. She will not participate in the movie’s production in any way, shape, or form.”

The statement could be a potential concern for the producers of the biopic, as there are copyright issues that must be addressed. If Britney’s approval is needed to feature her iconic songs in the film, the movie may lack some of its most important elements.

Lifetime’s movie production of Britney’s life is said to be centered around her childhood, rise to fame and her eventual emotional collapse under the pressure of celebrity status. It is believed that the movie will also focus heavily on her two marriages, the birth of sons Jayden and Sean, and her remarkable comeback.

This would not be the first time the Lifetime Television Network had difficulties in obtaining copyright permissions for a biopic feature. The company had similar difficulties when it produced an unauthorized biopic about late hip-hop singer Aaliyah Haughton.

Unofficial Britney Spears Biopic Not Endorsed by Singer

Procuers at the Lifetime Television Network may encounter issues with the creation of their upcoming project, a Britney Spears biopic, starring Natasha Bassett as the Princess of Pop.

Entertainment Weekly discovered that Spears did not grant approval for the project and will not be involved in its production.

“This unauthorized biopic is not endorsed by Britney Spears,” her representative told EW. “Permission was never sought for the production and therefore Miss Spears will not participate in its production in any way, shape, or form.”

Lifetime did not appear to be phased, as evidenced by a photograph Bassett posted to Instagram.

“I’m here getting my hair dyed,” she wrote. “I’m half-blonde right now! Martian alert!”

Could a Britney biopic be memorable without featuring the Britney tunes that we all loved or hated through the years?

The movie is said to concentrate heavily on Spears’s rise to fame, beginning with her early childhood in Louisiana, growing up Disney, and her ultimate rise to pop stardom. The film is rumored to feature moments from her broken romantic relationships and failed marriages, motherhood, and her sudden breakdown, as well as her road to recovery.

Britney rose to fame in the late 1990s with release of her hit song, “Baby… One More Time.” She followed up with hit after hit, such as “Lucky,” “Crazy,” and “Toxic.” She is currently in her third year of a Las Vegas residency and recorded her ninth studio album in 2016.

Britney’s Back With a Brand-New Album

After years of ups, downs, mental health issues, disastrous performances and a legal conservatorship, Britney Spears is back with a new pitch-perfect pop album. “Glory,” her first release since 2013’s disappointing “Britney Jean,” drops on August 26. Packed with 12 songs — 17 on the deluxe version — “Glory” is a return to form for Britney, with its hook-filled electronic beats and catchy lyrics mixed with Britney’s distinct, trademark voice.

As her ninth studio album, it’s an impressive achievement for a pop star. At 35, Britney’s been on the scene for nearly 20 years now, defying every scathing review and expectation.

To promote “Glory,” Britney did an episode of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Cordon and will also perform at MTV’s Video Music Awards. This performance will be almost ten years since her disastrous turn on the stage in 2007, when she wandered aimlessly and seemed to forget her own lyrics. She’s come a long way, seeming at ease and in a good mood on “Carpool Karaoke.”

In other Britney news, Lifetime has announced that it’s creating a two-hour biopic about her life. The movie will star Natasha Bassett as the blonde bombshell. According to reports, it will detail her rise from Louisiana schoolgirl to the biggest pop star in the world. It will cover her tumultuous relationship with fellow singer Justin Timberlake, as well as her personal mental health struggles and marriages to Kevin Federline and Jason Alexander. Production will begin in September for a planned 2017 release.

The Lovable Return of British Pop Star Rick Astley

It has been almost three decades since the musical charts were rocked by an unlikely British singer whose soulful voice, strange dance moves and unique style came to define the late 1980s.

Rick Astley is by no means a one-hit wonder; however, music fans from the Millennial Generation are more likely to know him from an online joke that predated the meme era. Rickrolling is an amusing Internet practice that consists of talking someone into clicking on a link and surprising them with a video clip of Astley’s massive hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Getting Rickrolled is hilarious because it is both unexpected and delightful. The video was shot with cheesy production values, and Astley’s dance moves are a bit unusual. The song, however, is undeniably catchy and Astley’s strong baritone voice sounds as if it was blessed by a Motown angel.

Many people who fell for the Rickrolling joke were exposed to Rick Astley for the first time. They watched the video and turned to Google to investigate the man with the pompadour and the amazing voice. It so happened that Rickrolling led to a resurgence of interest for Astley, and his new fans were delighted to learn that he decided to record a new album at the age of 50.

Astley is currently on tour in the United States. He is appearing at modest venues that are selling out quickly. His fans are a mix of people who enjoyed his work in the 1980s and younger music lovers who discovered him through Rickrolling. The tour has been a success.