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Clayton Hutson Discusses His Techniques And Preferences For The Music Business

Clayton Hutson has been in the music business for many years. His business provides different services for event organizers and musicians. Prior to establishing his career he took theatre design courses at a university. He began working in the industry of live music and established a career as a project manager. When he achieved the necessary experience and expertise he established a company to design, produce and manage concerts. A lot of his work is in the rock music industry. Clayton Huston has successfully completed managerial and technical tasks for Pink, Guns N’ Roses and Kid Rock.


Clayton Huston was involved with the Bleed Like Me world tour in 2005. The name of the band was Garbage and their tour included North America, Australia and Europe. Clayton Huston was the monitor engineer for the group. He was responsible for the automatic rigging system used last year for the Honda Civic tour of OneRepublic. These concerts were held in Asia and North America. For additional information please visit


Clayton Hutson has developed numerous marketable skills during his career. He took a risk when his employer felt the impact of the recession and started his own business. His talents enabled him to become successful. His skills vary from developing new audio to illumination concepts to set design. The knowledge he gained at concerts enables him to understand the difference between a pipe dream and a realistic idea. He works hard, puts in long hours and values performers with professionalism and dedication. These performers often recommend his services.


Clayton Hutson always looks for any mistakes in his work. He realizes this could degrade the quality and safety of a show. He is sensible about organizing his equipment and preparing for every event to ensure his reputation is not damaged. He boosts efficiency and productivity in his crew with proper planning. He lists all the task requiring execution while traveling to a concert. He includes minor chores since they can cause issues if overlooked.


The swift changes brought by new technology excite Clayton Hutson. He remains current to satisfy his clients. He enjoys the brightness of modern equipment for mobile lighting and appreciates the fact the weight has substantially decreased. He sees a lot of concerts using enormous walls of videos. He appreciates performers who really try to impress their fans. He says Pink and Lady Gaga are always willing to try something new. Their concerts are artistically creative and feature eye catching stunts and acrobatics. Learn more: