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NBC Reverses an Unpopular Cancellation Decision

Early in May, NBC issued a list of cancelled television series. The company subsequently took the unusual step of reversing a network cancellation decision to spare the science fiction series Timeless(2016), a time-travel drama which had garnered a vocal fan base during its first season.


Timeless stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Claudia Doumit and Goran Visnjic. The series centers around a group of time travelers contending with a mysterious government conspiracy and cover-up called “Rittenhouse”. It features period costumes and varying settings. The cliffhanger final episode during the first season left the fate of several characters unresolved.


As rumors of the pending cancellation circulated, some fans went online via YouTube to launch a write-in campaign imploring the network to renew the drama. A poll conducted by USA Today called “Save Our Shows” allowed viewers to vote about television series facing cancellation. Fully 49% of the responders voted to save the new Timeless series. The production ranked slightly higher with women than men, but overall emerged as a favorite series among the under-50 age demographic. Teens in particular favored retaining the series by an impressive 74% vote.


NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt acknowledged the significance of fan input in causing the broadcasting company to take the unusual step of reversing its cancellation decision. He noted NBC has appreciated the creativity of the time travel series from the outset and flatly denied the cancellation reversal has occurred as a publicity ploy.