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3 Rules For Betting College Football

Betting on college football is one of the great pleasures in life. At least in my life, and probably your’s, too. College football offers so much more than the professional game, in my opinion. There are rivalries that go back 100 years or more. Many people will back their alma mater to the ends of the earth (and to the end of their bankroll).

Emotions run high, maybe too high, in the college game. And that is where far too many bettors run into trouble. They need to take the emotion out of their decision making. Knowing who to bet on is important, but knowing who NOT to bet on can save your bankroll.Getting solid betting odds is also important. Wagering sites like Covers.comm are an excellent source for NCAAF odds information. Here are three rules to follow if you want to take some of the emotion out of your getting patterns.

1. Avoid The Road Favorite
One of the best ways to whittle down the 60+ college games is to rule out road favorites. Home field advantage is a real thing, especially when you are taking an 18 or 19-year-old kid way out of his comfort zone.

I always use this as a starting point to narrow down my selection and find favorable games. You should, too.

2. Avoid The “Trap game”
We’ve all seen this scenario play out before. Ohio State is playing Michigan in two weeks. The whole nation is looking forward to that game. But before the Buckeyes head up north, they have to play Akron State. And you guessed it. They have a terrible game and do not cover the spread.

These Trap Games happen all the time. It is up to you to avoid them. If you decide to place your heard earned money on a team take a look and see if there are any big games coming up. It may be that the players, and even coaches, are overlooking the team in front of them and focusing on the game to come.

3. Find The “Worst Unit”
If you find yourself forced to bet on a game with teams that you are not familiar with, look for the Worst Unit (defense, offense, special teams, kicker, etc.) and bet against it. If Team A’s worst unit is special teams and Team B has a guy who returns kicks for touchdowns, you know where to put your money.

These rules will help you find more favorable games to wager on, but you still need the most accurate information possible. Visit a site like to get up to the minute college football odds and information.