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Jason Hope Of Scottsdale Provides Insights On The Future Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has a strong belief that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next technology frontier. Most journalists and writers believe that the idea is quickly running out of fashion and is at the peak of its hype cycle. However, Jason believes that IoT will live up to the hype. This strong belief in the technology can be seen in the many papers that he has written on the same. As a technologist and futurist, Jason Hope has tried to solve different factors that may hinder success of the idea.

What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a term coined to refer to a proposed development of the Internet. In this arrangement, mechanical machines, digital machines, computing devices, animals, and people would be connected and be able to transfer data. This transmission will be facilitated without the traditional human to computer or human-to-human interaction. The system will have high security to guarantee safety of the transmitted data and avoid rogue individuals from tampering with the system.

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Individual that are against the system are only looking at it based on present technology. This way, they are unable to see its bright future. Jason points out that the early instant messenger or browser programs were basic and hardly developed. If one is to compare the modern versions of the programs with the earliest ones, he or she will not be able to recognize them. This will also apply to IoT. As new technologies emerge, IoT will grow into a much better model.

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Additionally, Jason believes that the IoT will provide more value to the consumers. Although its current technology has limited value, it has great potential. For instance, its integration in the kitchen will lead to saving as much as 15 percent in energy. Food stores will also be able to use the technology to monitor their products and prevent waste in the frozen food aisle.

IoT will revolutionize road security, as it will eliminate human drivers that are easily distracted. This technology is at an advanced stage. Currently, many companies are trying out their driverless cars. Improved technologies in different fields such as artificial intelligence, GPS, and cameras have had positive outcomes in the sector. Recently, Uber started a pilot program involving driverless taxis. Jason is confident that technology such as IoT will never stop being a ‘Thing’. Like World Wide Web that has become part of our daily lives, IoT will be slowly integrated into our lives. Jason Hope is optimistic that the technology is here to stay. Check

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