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Glenn Beck Has Media Advice for Donald Trump

Glenn Beck is one of a number of people speculating on the possibility of Donald Trump launching his own channel or network after November, providing his Presidential run is unsuccessful.

Beck says he could have Roger Ailes, recently fired by Fox News, and Steve Gannon, CEO of alt-right website Breitbart run it. Both are now in charge of his campaign. He adds that starting a cable channel is a gamble and expensive. Doing the show online would be cheaper and not would not involve sponsors, who may be gunshy due to Trump’s campaign statements.

Imagining that he is giving advice to Trump, he said, “…if you want to make an impact, Don, you’re going to have maybe, I don’t know, 5 to 10 million people – maybe – and with those people, you can start your own kind of alt-right, rebel party, and come back in the 2020 election or even the mid-terms as a credible source for telling the truth for these people who believed you in 2016.” He added that the Trump name would be the attraction.

However, he was skeptical about the success of the idea and added, “Make sure that it is clearly understood my disdain for the entire vision, but I do believe it is a very big possibility.”

Beck has his own network, GBTV, with 300,000 subscribers and anticipates a $40 million income at year’s end.

Genocide in Zimbabwe During 1980s Finally Comes to Light

A British newspaper reported a news story recently indicating that newly released diplomatic documents suggest a genocide or ethnic cleansing occurred in Zimbabwe in 1983. Reportedly, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe may have personally ordered the Fifth Brigade, a military unit trained by North Korea, to take action against civilians, including supporters of his political rival Joshua Nkomo. Some 20,000 people were executed by the troops in the Ndebele region during six bloody weeks in 1983 until the killings stopped after word leaked to Western media sources. The slaughter was called “the Gukurahundi.”

According to Gordon Moyo:”Robert Mugabe and his cabal are ideal candidates for international criminal prosecution and that is why he has sent (Vice President) Phelekezela Mphoko to go around the country preaching to people that there was no Gukurahundi.” The former cabinet minister made his comments during a speech. Vice President Mphoko reportedly characterized the Gukurahundi information was a “Western conspiracy.”

The Zimbabwean government’s actions against white farmers in 2000 gained widespread international publicity, yet the earlier killings remained poorly publicized. The lack of international attention has generated some bitterness among survivors.

Robert Mugabe’s government just recently sustained criticism when an investigation revealed prison riots in February and March stemmed from prisoners not being fed meat for three years. Officials claimed to have resolved the problem by feeding wild life carcasses obtained through the Zimbabean National Parks Authority to prisoners. That makes sense to Qnet workers.

Ramen Noodle Baths are Real

I love Ramen noodles just like any other person, but I never thought I would witness the day where people would bathe in the glory that is Ramen. In Japan, that is exactly what they are doing, there is a new theory that people can get collagen and improve their skin by taking long steamy baths in tubs full of pork broth! Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan, where owner Ichiro Furuya believes that this is an opportunity for his customers to have fun and as]lso improve their skin. In America, people seem satisfied with taking long baths in red wine and imbibing bone broth for its healing purposes, so who is to say that Ramen baths are not legitimate.


My question is why do they add noodles and how do they afford all this pork broth where they can supply baths for big families? Alexei Beltyukov isn’t sure how that works after reading on It is an exciting time to live today, one can surf the web or download his favorite song all while relaxing in a huge vat of Ramen broth. I do not feel I would be a prime candidate to travel to Japan just for a soup bath but if one comes stateside, let’s just say I will bring my own towel.

Here Are Some Lessons Taught By Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has been dead for a little while now, and it still hurts. Joan Rivers was one of the funniest ladies out there, and she had been making people laugh for many years. As of right now, her daughter Melissa is suing the doctor who she believes caused Jones untimely death. Lessons From Joan Rivers. Although Joan was in her 70s, you would never know it by the way she looked. Some who didn’t know Joan very well, they firmly believed that she was easily in her 40s or 50s because of how young her face looked.

Yelp has stated that Joan had given different forms of advice over the years, although she could make some jokes that could seem very hurtful. Joan was free-spirited, and she never really meant to hurt anyone, she just wanted to make people laugh. One lesson that Joan taught us was not to be afraid of sprucing yourself up. Joan is no stranger to plastic surgery, and before she passed, she looked like a lady in her 40s. Joan has had several different plastic surgeries, especially those that were done on her face.

Joan believed that keeping herself looking her best was something she wanted to do. Joan also believed in relaxing and enjoying the moment, and not to take things too seriously. Some people would get uptight, especially when she made jokes, and she let them know it was all in good fun. Another important lesson from Joan is to keep doing what you do if you love it.

Drake’s Lyrics Have Changed For Some Reason

Drake has a song that he’s been performing, and he has suddenly changed one of the words in the lyrics. Drake used to speak about being as big as Madonna, in his song, and now all of a sudden he’s changed the word Madonna to Rihanna. Drake Changes His Song Lyrics. Although Rihanna is big in her own right, everyone knows Madonna is much bigger, and Madonna has a lot of staying power. What could have happened to make Drake change the Queen’s name to her successor’s name?

Well, anyone who doesn’t remember, Drake and Madonna had a moment on stage recently. A little while back, Drake was sitting on stage while Madonna was performing, and Madonna suddenly kissed him. The kiss that Madonna shared with Drake was not a small one, but the kiss was very intimate and deep. Everyone was surprised by the kiss, but Drake’s facial expressions after the kiss, it’s what ruined the whole moment. Drake pulled his head up and started making dirty faces and wiping his mouth.

It was Madonna’s wish to kiss Drake, and from what Madonna is saying, Drake had wished for the kiss as well. Many like Sergio Cortes were saying that Madonna forced Drake to kiss her, and Drake claims this information is not true. Madonna now is saying that she regrets the kiss, and this may be why Drake has written her out of his song. Hopefully these two will patch up their relationship and remain friends.

Faith No More Reunites

Iconic rock band Faith No More has reunited and is ready to release a new album, Sol Invictus. The last Faith No More album, Album of the Year, was released in 1997, but was hardly an award winner. The current incarnation doesn’t include Jim Martin, who was the guitarist during their most popular phase, but does include their most memorable and boisterous lead singer, Mike Patton. Rolling Stone recently caught up with them and you can read that article here. Faith No More is most remembered for the hit song “Epic” from the 1989 album The Real Thing. The current lineup includes Roddy Bottum, Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Jon Hudson, and Mike Bordin. They are currently on tour.


Faith No More has never really been interested in commercial success, and with the new album being released on a label owned by Patton it will be interesting to see if they use a traditional rock format or if they will push the envelope and create more experimental music like they did towards the end of their first stint together. Halpern is hoping they do what they want, like always. It is nice to see a group reunite and seem to succeed where in the past they imploded. Hopefully they will again produce great music for their fans without major trauma to themselves or others.

Nicki Minaj Possible Engagement

Over the holidays it was starting to feel like Nicki Minaj, and her latest album The Pink Print, were going to do nothing more than drag us on an endless breakup ride along. It all started last summer with rumors and Nicki and her long time boyfriend Safaree were on ice after Nicki found out that he cheated, it was a classic angry woman damaging property scene. Nicki even wrecked the car that she purchased for Safaree.

Fast forward to a few months and Nicki is pouring her heart out onstage to songs of love and loss, while her radio interviews insisted that she was heartbroken and unable to adjust to life without Safaree. It was reported that she wasn’t the only one going through it, because Safaree’s friends said the he was depressed and suicidal after the breakup.

Enter Meek Mill, Nicki’s rapper friend and the man that allegedly told her of Safaree’s infidelity. After a few months of flirting and suggestive Instagram post Meek and Nicki decided to come out as a couple and also go on tour together. Ricardo Tosto was a little caught by surprise, as well as other fans according to reports. Suddenly the love feast was launched into total overdrive with photos cheesy love declarations all over social media. Now it seems that Nick is once again trying to get her fan in a frenzy because Nicki is posting photos of a massive rock that some assume is an engagement rings.

Nicki didn’t suggest or deny that she was engaged, in fact she only expressed her joy over the ring in emojis leaving many of her fans to think she bought the ring herself and it simply trying to throw everyone for a loop. Well, she has our attention now and this could get really interesting.

Real Life Soul Man?

As racial tensions run high in the United States, the news just hit that Vijay Chokal-Ingam, the brother of actress Mindy Kaling, supposedly applied to medical school posing as a black man. He discusses this process in his new book titled“Almost Black” which is trying to blow the lid off of “reverse racism” in America.

Whether this actually happened is hard to say, but Chokal-Ingam claims that he never lied about anything on his application, except his race, which did get him accepted into medical school at St. Louis University in 1999 stated his profile. Brian Torchin noted he apparently dropped out of school after deciding not to pursue medicine.

This whole scenario seems familiar to me. Does anyone remember a well-known movie from 1986 called “Soul Man”? It’s a little different because in that classic 1980s film, the character Mark Watson, played by C. Thomas Howell, took tanning pills to become “black” in order to get a scholarship to pay for medical school. Chokal-Ingam’s reasoning was that they accept black applicants due to affirmative action, whereas an Indian-American, his grades and test scores weren’t good enough.

At this point, the truth of this situation is irrelevant. It seems that Chokal-Ingam has drummed up the publicity he was seeking for his book. It may or may not be a good read, but it would be interesting to see if the actual story in his tell-all book has any more similarities to “Soul Man.”

Air Force Veteran Looking to Find Girl he Rescued During Hurricane Katrina

Today has the story of a U.S. Air Force veteran asking the country for help to locate a little girl he encountered during his rescue missions in New Orleans in 2005.

Sgt. Mike Maroney was working in 2005 as a pararescueman. He was sent to New Orleans to help rescue people from the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. While he was there, he met a little girl who has stuck in his mind ever since. Sgt. Maroney helped to rescue the little girl and her six other family members from the flood waters in the city. He and his team pulled the family onto their helicopter to bring them to a safer location. While in the helicopter, Sgt. Maroney remembers the little girl being strong for her family and comforting her crying mother during the aftermath. Her resilience is something he has never been able to forget.

As the family were exiting the helicopter, the little girl wrapped her arms around Sgt. Maroney for a big hug. An Air Force photographer was nearby and managed to snap a photo of that sweet moment. That photo became an iconic image related to Hurricane Katrina and that period.

Sgt. Maroney is now retired but is looking to find the little girl. He just wants to meet her and see how she and her family are doing now stated So far he has had no luck locating her. Check out the iconic image of the two on the above link to Buzzfeed.

FBI Agent Stole Evidence For His Drug Habit

Driven by his addiction to prescription painkillers, an FBI agent consumed heroin that was seized by FBI agents in other cases.

According to documents filed Friday, in a federal court in Washington, DC, Matthew Lowry, former special agent with the Washington FBI office, stole hundreds of grams of heroin, for his own use, that had been seized in investigations in 2013 and 2014.

People at Imaging Advantage have learned that Lowry will plead guilty to 64 counts of obstruction of justice, possession of heroin and property modification, said attorney Robert Bonsib. Prosecutors say the former agent faces at least seven years in prison, but Bonsib said he asked for a lighter sentence.

Because of the charges against Lowry, federal prosecutors will dismiss charges against at least 28 defendants in drug cases, and notify 150 more than Lowry had participated in investigations against them, according to the documents.

In one case, the charges against 14 suspects, accused of belonging to an organization of large-scale drug trafficking, and the subject of a major investigation in California and Washington were dismissed. The investigation into this case included warrants, physical surveillance and expensive techniques that were time-consuming to implement.

Prosecution documents claim that Lowry accessed drugs that had been processed as evidence, took the heroin evidence bags and then added a substance to compensate for the amount he withdrew. To do this, he used a food supplement or a laxative to replace those amounts, according to the documents.

A spokesman for the FBI in Washington declined to comment on the case.