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Cowboys Plan to Keep Rookie Dak Prescott as Their QB

The Cowboys suffered their second loss of the season when they fell to the New York Giants. The offense was nowhere to be found, and a lot of the blame has been put on rookie QB Dak Prescott. However, reports now indicate that the team is planning to stay with the rookie under center, rather than starting Tony Romo.


Prescott’s rise has been well documented. A mid-round pick who was passed on by every team multiple times, he was never intended to start. Then Romo, one of the highest-paid QBs in the NFL, got hurt in the preseason. Prescott came in, lost the first game — again to the Giants — and then won the next 11 straight.


The controversy is that Romo is sitting on the bench. He’s healthy again and it means the Cowboys have a ton of money tied up in a player who is essentially a backup. There has been talk that they could go back to Romo if Prescott starts to look like a rookie.


That being said, as long as the Cowboys were rolling off the wins, they weren’t going to change anything. You don’t make a move when the team has the best record in the NFL. The team still isn’t going to make the switch now, since they don’t want to overreact to one loss. They think Prescott can get back to winning and be ready for the playoffs.


This will absolutely be worth watching, though, if the Cowboys lose another game this weekend. They play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.