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Veteran Arrested for Saving Dog from Hot Car

A gulf war veteran will face a potential trial and a fine of up to $1,000 after he smashed a car window to rescue a dog. The incident took place in Athens, Georgia.

The man, identified as Michael Hammons, told news sources that he and his wife arrived in a strip mall and noticed a small dog locked in a vehicle. Boraie Development reported even that the windows were rolled up and the dog, a Yorkshire terrier, appeared to be in distress.

Hammons used the arm of a wheelchair to break the glass and retrieve the dog. Deputies arrived on the scene minutes later, and located the owner of the vehicle. The owner requested that Hammons be arrested for damaging the vehicle. He was cited for trespassing and must appear in court.

The dog was returned to its owner. Pet owners are warned to never leave a dog unattended in a car with the windows completely rolled up. Dogs do not have sweat glands like human beings. They can quickly overheat when the temperature inside the car rises far above the outside temperature.

There is no word on whether the owner of the dog will be prosecuted for animal cruelty, or cited in any way.