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How Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund is Changing the Game.

Running a non profit is just like running a business only, well, it’s a ton harder. Non profits run into all of the issues that traditional companies are made to handle and then some more. For a non profit the biggest hurdle that they have to clear comes in the form of handling their benefactors and donors. A wealthy benefactor can change a non profit’s company outlook but they can also make life very difficult. That is why the Ubuntu Model, made popular by Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe — along with the rest of the board at Ubuntu, has grown so much of late. Let’s break down the Ubuntu Model and why it might be a difference maker in the coming years.


The Ubuntu Education fun, founded by Jacob Lief, is focused on providing poor children in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa with education and a comfortable life. While the Ubuntu Fund has been successful with raising money, Lief came to the realization that there was a larger problem at hand. Lief realized that, despite all of the money coming in, not enough of it was making it to where it needed to be. The reason? All of the red tape and strings attached by the benefactors. Donors have an expectation of how their money is going to be used and this can directly conflict with the successful running of a non profit.

So Jacob Lief approached Andre Rolfe and the rest of the board in order to promote a new concept: the Ubuntu Model. The Ubuntu Model is a huge shift in how the Ubuntu Fund operates. The new focus of the company is on quality donations from high end benefactors and family foundations. The reason for this focus shift is that these types of donors tend to allow their money to be spent more freely and thus more effectively. Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board clearly saw the benefit in doing things this way. So far Andrew Rolfe and co have been proven right in their decision to try out the model. Though there are fewer donations coming into the Ubuntu Fund, more of it is actually getting to the right place at the right time.