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Conrad Hilton Arrested Days After Being Put on Probation

The legal woes for Conrad Hilton, 21, just keep coming. The socialite, and heir to the Hilton fortune, was arrested on Monday for violating the conditions of a restraining order, just one week after a judge placed the socialite on probation for assaulting flight attendants and causing a disturbance on a flight.

Hilton was arrested in Hollywood Hills on Monday afternoon, according to police. They did not release the name of the individual who filed the restraining order, but the victim is believed to be a former girlfriend.

His latest legal woes could spell big trouble for the wealthy young man says Zeca Oliveira in this article. When a judge placed him on probation for the flight incident, it was spelled out that the young Hilton could not commit any other crime, including a local one, or his probation would be revoked. There is no word on how that will shake out just yet.

Conrad Hilton is not the first member of the family to have a brush with the law. Older sister, Paris, famously served a short stint in jail for failing to follow the stipulations of her own probation.

There is no word on when Conrad Hilton is expected back in court. He also has another, unrelated charge currently pending.