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Younger Buyers are Changing NYC Real Estate


The New York city real estate market has always been considered one of the strongest and most dynamic real estate market in the world. While the market used to be dominated by older professional and board investor, a new breed of real estate buyer has entered the marketplace in recent years. Many people today that a looking for NYC apartments for sale are younger buyers who tend to have a different background and are looking for different amenities.


The younger professionals that are looking for NYC apartments for sale tend to be in the tech or finance industry. While buyers of high-end real estate in New York city used to look for teachers including laundry finishes, most buyers today are looking for amenities that improve their lifestyle. Some of the most frequently thought after amenities include having an on-site Jim, plenty of activity space to meet neighbors, and ensuring the property is loaded with wireless Internet access.


While you new and rehab properties in the city have to take these desired amenities into consideration, open orders are also able to profit by offering the services. In general, a buyer today does not necessarily need as much space, which means a builder can actually build more units are roughly the same price.


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