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The oldest of the world, Japanese, celebrates 117 years

The Japanese old lady, Misao Okawa, blew Thursday her 117 candles in an archipelago known for the longevity of its inhabitants in Osaka, a country in Japan. This old lady, born March 5, 1898 celebrated her birthday a day earlier, especially posed for photographers wearing a beautiful kimono rose. Sam Tabar ( has learned that she is mother of three, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of six and she was surrounded by her family, including her eldest son, aged 92, and a last little offspring of two years.

MIsao Okawa also received honors from the municipality: the borough mayor, Takehiro Ogura, visited her to hand over a bouquet of flowers to match her outfit. “Happy birthday!” He blew it by ear with a question, “Were these 117 years long?” “No, these years past so quickly,” replied Okawa as reported by the local media. When she was asked about the secret of such long life, she confessed that she did now know anything about it”. It is worth mentioning that the oldest man in the world, Sakari Momoi is also Japanese; his age is 112 years. The life expectancy of Japanese men crossed the 80 year bar for the first time in 2013. It is worth mentioning that the life expectancy of the Japanese women is above 86 years, 86.61 to be more precise.