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Oprah Interviews Amy Schumer For OWN Network And Two Hit It Off As “Introverts”

Oprah’s popular podcasts “SuperSoul Conversations” for her OWN network never fail to interest fans, especially when her guest is the ultra-funny Amy Schumer.

The actress-comedian chatted with the talk show titan about her new movie “I Feel Pretty” and the book Schumer penned “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.” Instantly, Oprah was a major fan of the funny woman, according to Friday’s report by the Huff Post.

Apparently, the famous celebrity pair share at least one personality characteristic that allows them to understand each other very well. The trait is called being an introvert. Now, it would appear that both super popular ladies are anything but wallflowers, but they talked about what it’s like to go to parties.

Oprah admitted that she often seeks the bathroom to hide out in and not have to deal with the public so much. Schumer knew right away that they were both introverts, and she explained that people like them give a lot of time to others, and there are moments when stepping away from the public is their way of handling their insecurities. The bathroom is also a favorite hideaway for Schumer when she feels overwhelmed and surrounded by people.

Check out a clip from Oprah’s OWN podcast here on YouTube. The pair discuss Schumer’s new marriage to a famous TV chef, and Oprah asks her how she knew that he was the one.

Amy Schumer admits that marriage has given her more peace and “a new calm.”

Is Oprah the Next TV Politican?

Many people were shocked when Donald Trump won the United States presidential election in November. To many it seemed there were no more rules.


But in a light-hearted moment in an interview on “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations,” Oprah Winfrey dropped hints that she was seriously considering the option of mounting her own political run.


Of remark is her observation, “I actually never thought that that was — I never considered the conversation even a possibility. I just thought, oh, oh.”


Rubenstein followed up with, “It’s clear that you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States, right?”


Winfrey followed up with, “That’s what I thought. I thought, ‘Oh gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough,’ And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh! Oh.'” She would later add, “No, that won’t be happening, but I mean, I did used to think, well gee, you had to know so much more than I thought you had to know.”


While it seems unlikely Oprah Winfrey will be targeting the Oval Office in 2020, perhaps more consideration should be given to her attitude of civic-mindedness. As a persistent face of the Forbes 400, Winfrey certainly has the resources to compete in any election she chooses. Further, Winfrey became a contributor to CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ in January. While she may not shoot for a lofty goal like President, she wouldn’t be the first celebrity to tackle becoming a Senator or Governor if her present movement towards current events and politics continues, in the mold of Fred Thompson or Al Franken. Perhaps there is more hiding in her jokes than should be taken at face value.


There’s certainly one thing true of politics in the United States today; anything can happen.