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Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Dropped From Shopping Website For Bad Taste

Some folks thought it was pretty funny, and with all the problems in the world, a sense of humor is always nice to have. However, when it comes to making fun of the most famous reality TV star, perhaps the website had gone too far on the Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery outfit.


Others found the garish costume that included a white robe, long black wig, dark sunglasses, a gag, a rope and faux $4 million ring in bad taste.


The Halloween robbery costume has since been removed from, and founder Jonathan Weeks claims it is the first time his company has ever yielded and removed a tasteless costume from their store. By the way, Mr. Weeks will be refunding the six people who had actually shelled out the $69.99 for the KK Halloween costume. In the past, his shopping site has sold other gauche outfits like Cecil the Lion, Caitlyn Jenner and the Transgender Olympian.


Kim Kardashian continues to cope with the alleged recent robbery at a hotel during Paris Fashion Week. She told police they got access to her apartment and threatened her, holding a gun to her head. Kim K was allegedly bound, gagged and left in the bathtub as “two armed, masked men” ripped her off to the tune of $11 million in jewelry and other items.


Some don’t believe her story and think she made up the entire, traumatizing tale. Since the October 2nd incident, KK has kept a low profile, shunning the spotlight and cancelling public appearances.