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Is It Really Goodbye for Paul Simon?

Folk singer Paul Simon has dropped minor details on what he has called “A Farewell Performance” that is set to take place this summer.

The concert, called “Homeward Bound: The Farewell Performance,” is scheduled to be the last performance of the British Summer Time festival. The festival line-up includes Eric Clapton, Bruno Mars, and Michael Buble. James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt are scheduled to appear at the concert, with additional performers to be announced.

The concert is not the first “farewell concert” that Simon has given. He took the stage with former bandmate Al Garfunkel in 1993 in a series of goodbye concerts. Simon has released more than a dozen solo albums including the critically acclaimed Graceland in 1986. He has made more than a dozen appearances on film and television. Simon also composed the original soundtrack for the Broadway show The Capeman, which earned him a Tony Award nomination.

Simon spent most of 2016 and 2017 on tour promoting his album Stranger to Stranger, but has said in interviews that “show business holds no interest for me.” During the same interview, the “Call Me Al” singer hinted at retirement by saying “I’m going to see what happens if I just let go.”

The crooner, who turned 76 last October, has performed at London’s Hyde Park on several occasions, including a concert as part of his 1993 farewell tour with Art Garfunkel.

The show is set to take place on July 15. Tickets go on sale February 2, with pre-sales opening on February 1.