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The Impressive Sergio Cortes

The magnificent Michael Jackson will constantly have fans across the world. His amazing voice and skills as a dancer will most likely be appreciated for decades to come. His history of hit songs and famous dance routines continue to be alive today due to an impersonator known as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is known as the worlds most genuine Michael Jackson imitator. Cortes is a real fan of Michail Jackson’s from the time he was a teenager. He would watch Michael and start emulating all his moves. In the beginning it absolutely was only for the real love he was feeling for Jackson that inspired him to master all his steps. On the other hand then Sergio came to the realization of desire to become an impersonator.

It is surreal to hear Sergio sing since he sounds just like Michael Jackson. He has truly mastered every detail when it comes to impersonating the King Of Pop. He also makes certain to possess all of the costumes from all of the Michael Jackson era’s as part of his wardrobe. Every time he takes a picture he even poses like Michael would. Sergio has a great deal of gratitude for his fans and desires to present them with the most breathtaking Michael Jackson experience any imitator can provide.

He sounds, looks, and moves like the much loved Michael Jackson what this means is that Sergio has the full package. For this reason he is becoming so sought after recently. It is easy to find performances of Sergio all over online. If you’re a lover of Michael Jackson you will end up amazed if you see and listen to Sergio Cortes. His abilities and loyalty to his supporters is incredibly like Michael’s relationship with his fans.

Honing his entire overall performance is Sergio’s way of giving respect to the superstar which he misses a whole lot. He is touring everywhere giving absolutely everyone a chance to see and also have a Michael Jackson concert experience. Sergio has supporters from around the world who adore him.

He plans to remain very humble like Michael’s caring character. Keeping in contact with all of his followers on facebook as well as behind stage. Understanding that his work and devotion is valued means the world to Sergio. He has demonstrated that he’s the very best Michael Jackson imitator ever. Sergio is happy with the career he has developed and wants to show the world how much he loves Michael Jackson.