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Phil Collins Has to Cancel Shows Because Of Head Injury

Phil Collins, the singer of hits such as Against All Odds and In The Air Tonight has had to cancel his shows because of a head injury he has received. This of course has disappointed fans, and they are hoping he gets well. Phil Collins suffers from drop foot, a condition that he has gained after a back operation. He has a hard time walking because of his condition and is therefore more prone to these occurrences.


Phil Collins is known for his distinct voice and his drumming abilities. One of his trademarks is singing the ending of his song In the Air Tonight while drumming. His complex techniques bring about an impressive show. In his recent tour, he has allowed his son to take on the drumming of the song. His son does have the same drumming talents as his father. Therefore, he has not disappointed with his abilities.


Phil has also sung for movies such as Tarzan and Brother Bear. Phil has kept himself busy bringing out inspired songs which really touch the soul. He has spent 10 years away from the stage only to come back to give his fans something they want.


Phil has inspired many fans. He is one of those artists who know how to make every one of his songs sound better in concert than on the album. He brings a lot of energy to the stage even to this day. He is also someone who has no problem talking to his fans and keeping them updated. Phil Collins is someone who is very appreciative of his fans and is always willing to give them something in return for their support.