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How Betsy DeVos has established herself in different Sectors

Betsy DeVos is a prominent American businesswoman who has impacted the lives of thousands of people. She is a liberal individual and has made significant contributions to charity and politic. Mrs. DeVos is appreciated for her good work as an education activist. She has helped children across to join schools of their choice by campaigning for the use of school vouchers and charter schools. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is a wealthy businessman who owns the Windquest Group. He formerly severed as the CEO of his father’s businesses, which include Orlando Magic and Amway. By 2016, the DeVos family was estimated to be worth $5.4 billion, and they were listed by the Forbes Magazine as the 88th richest family in the country. Most of the businesswoman’s donations have been through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She started the organization with her husband in 1989, and it has been supporting communities by donating towards art, Christian undertakings, leadership, and education.


Mrs. DeVos aims at ensuring that states change their school system to allow children to attend learning institutions in different neighborhoods. Her tremendous contributions to the sector enabled her to be appointed to sit on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She also held management positions at organizations such as All Children Matter PAC and the Alliance for School Choice. Betsy’s first charity work in the education sector was serving Grand Rapids Public School as one of its volunteers. Her family has ensured that student access education that can improve their future by donating towards the Potter’s House School, which is a Christian-based learning institution. President Trump’s government has hired Betsy as the 11th secretary of education.


The political career of Betsy DeVos began more than three decades ago when she was still in college. In 1982, she was registered as a Michigan Republican Party member. Betsy was elected by the Michigan people as a party delegate in 1986. In 1992, the party offered her a seat on Michigan’s Republican National Committee where she served until 1997. The businessman was voted as the Michigan Republican Party’s chair in 1996. She has participated in several fund raisers of the party. Betsy supported the re-election of President Bush in 2004 by raising $150,000 for his campaign. The DeVos family has been generous to the party, and it has given over $17 million.


Betsy has been successful in the business sector. She co-founded the Windquest Group with her husband, and they are also co-chairpersons of the firm. The couple also holds shares at Neurocore. The company makes profits by providing excellent therapies that cure people who have autism, depression, and anxiety. Another major investment that Dick and Betsy own is the West Michigan Aviation College.


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Philanthropist, Finance Specialist and technology minded Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a English businessman and foreign exchange expert. Greg is the owner of Learn to Trade and has spoken on over six thousand stages. Some well known events he has spoken at are the Success Summit Congress, The National Achievers Congress and wealth expos in the United States. Mr. Secker started his own non profit in 2010, The Greg Secker foundation. His foundation recently helped to rebuild a community in the Phillipines. The community his foundation is rebuilding was hit in 2013 by Typhoon Haiyan. The main focus of the rebuild has been supplying the community with basic needs that they will be able to maintain and care for in the future. The foundation is building typhoon proof houses, wind turbine powered free electric and establishing farms for the community so they can provide their own food.

In addition to these philanthropic rebuild efforts, the Greg Secker Foundation also hosts a Youth Leadership Summit. The summit provides powerhouse speakers who empower youths with vital information to prepare themselves for their future. The pro bono speakers talk about such things as wealth, entrepreneurship, education, health and relationships. The foundation held similar events in Africa and plan to host some in Australia in the future as well.

Prior to the foundation of the Greg Secker Foundation, Mr. Secker worked in the early 1990’s as a trading technologist. He created foreign exchange trading systems. He attended University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg always had an interest in technolgy and while he a student at the University of Nottingham he built and sold computers. After constructing a three dimensional model of a fluid dynamics follicle he attended a job fair where he was able to network and earn a job interview which resulted in a job at the Virtual Trading Desk. Working on the currency trading floor was what sparked Gregs interest in finance.

Betsy DeVos’ Background Inspiring her Character

“I believe every child, no matter their zip code or their parent’s jobs, deserves access to quality education,” is a famous quote from Betsy DeVos that defines her actions of philanthropy. She was born in 1958 and is a daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of consumer marketing company, Amway. The company is now known as Quixtar. Richards’s net worth is more than $5 billion dollars. Betsy DeVos estimated net worth amounts to $1.25 billion.

Mrs. DeVos is the current secretary of education in U.S. She is well known in the arena of business and politics due to her contributions and influence in the U.S politics. Betsy is also famous for efforts to advocate for school vouchers where she has worked in the national reforms for public schools. Her efforts have been geared towards the expansion of school charters. Some of her achievements in the education reforms include the development of Detroit’s charter school system. Know more:

Betsy DeVos’ Need for Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos’ philanthropic actions came into the limelight in 1989 when she and her husband opened the Dick BetsyDeVos family foundation. The focus of the organization was education, arts justice, and leadership development. The love and desire to see her society development prompted DeVos to engage in philanthropic actions.

Before opening the Foundation, the DeVos’ were still involved in benevolent actions. During their children’s school going age, they would come in contact with other parents from poorer backgrounds. This was when they realized how much other parents sacrificed to pay for their children’s school fees. They then began supporting individual students, which later grew into a larger community.

Gradually, they became involved in helping more low-income families to raise the school fees for their children. Betsy DeVos would later get invited to serve in two national charitable organizations: Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. The groups increased the chances for DeVos to expand her philanthropy.

Further Details Portraying DeVos’ Kindheartedness

Betsy DeVos and her husband have channeled their money into various charitable giving despite funding Republican candidates across the country. The giving reflects their political and Christian beliefs that they have preserved over the years. In 2015 alone, the couple gave out more than $10 million to different organizations across the country. The foundation further promised to dole out an additional of $3.2 million in 2016. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Some of the organizations that Betsy DeVos and her husband have funded include the Loudspeaker media associated with former CNN anchor Campbell Brown and focuses on education. They gave out a total of $400,000. They also gave the Success Academy Charter a total of $150,000 with a promise of a similar amount in future. Other organizations that have benefited from the organization include Potters House, Alliance for School Choice and Institute of Justice, University of Maryland and Ferris State University.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Hires Amazon search VP, Brian Pinkerton as their technical lead

Facebook’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg and his spouse, Dr. Priscilla Chan have promised to donate 99 percent of their wealth to support one of their first philanthropic initiative: cure all disease, a charity focused at using technology to create social change.


Created in honor of their daughter, Maxima, the initiative would be dedicated to three major goals: bringing engineers and scientist together, building technology, and encouraging more public and private funding of scientific research around the globe. According to Zuckerberg, the tools build by the CZI initiative could boost scientific research and technological advancement over the coming decades, for instance, in building sophisticated artificial intelligence software to boost understanding of various brain functionalities and in bloodstream monitoring for easy detection of diseases.


To ensure the initiative’s success, Zuckerberg and Chan have brought leaders and professionals whose expertise they highly value to take the enormous risks of advancing the new corporation’s issues. Recently, they hired a technical lead for the CZI initiative: Amazon search executive, Brian Pinkerton as their new chief technology officer (CTO).


This means that Pinkerton will lead the corporation’s tech team, which he believes will quickly grow into a “couple hundred professionals” over the coming few years. For 4 years running, Pinkerton has successfully managed A9, Amazon’s department that’s handles the firm’s text and visual search features. One of the important things that drew Pinkerton to CZI was the fact that he would be working on issues and projects that most tech firms haven’t ventured into or thought about.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks has been a major entrepreneur from the time he graduated high school in 1975 in Austin, Texas. He has been behind a dozen start up companies.

Some have prospered while others collapsed. Those that were not successful did not deter him from continuing with other start up companies. The irony of the situation is he has had no formal training.

His main company, where he keeps a portfolio of private equity firms, is Timber Creek Capital, LLC. Before he starts a company, he first establishes a list of both short term and long term goals and prefers to meet people face to face in real time. He goes into more detail in his book titled, “They Can’t Eat You”.

He felt the need to write this book to give help to other entrepreneurs who, similar to himself, have not had any training and are looking to start their own business.   Mark Sparks believes that his fellow entrepreneurs can learn more from his failed businesses than from his successful ones – Spark Tank DFW.

Wikipedia confirms that Marc Sparks hopes the book will help business owners from losing hope and saving their business, as well as helping newer ones to develop and set goals to achieve their dreams.  Marc also likes to help people outside of the business world.

Since the late 80s, he has dedicated some time to helping other who are less fortunate. His deepest passion is helping out at a local homeless shelter called, The Samaritan Inn. This program does not just help people with a meal or a cot for the night. They house people who want to improve their lives. Sparks is involved in helping these people get into programs for job placement, as well as counseling, education and family services.

The people who graduated from the program are able to dig themselves out of poverty and thrive.  Disqus also reveals that Marc Sparks has also had a hand in Habitat for Humanity, where he has helped build over a dozen homes. He is a supporter for the American Can! Academy and he has started a foundation called “Sparky’s Kids”, where he helps raise funds to put computers in the hands of at risk youth.

He is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty.  In his personal life, Marc Sparks lives a healthy lifestyle and he is a big outdoorsman. He enjoys activities like hunting, fishing, hiking and golf. He has even traveled around the world and visited some of its most exotic places where some of his most successful business ideas have come from.

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