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Police Officers Pull Together to Buy Young Teen a Skateboard

Police departments around the world have been dealing with a lot of negative attention recently. However, there are a lot of good cops out there and unfortunately, Susan McGalla asks many times these officers go unnoticed.

The duty of the police force is to serve and protect, and that’s exactly what they did when they found a 13 year old boy out after curfew. Instead of issuing the young boy a ticket and a lecture, they pitched in to buy him a brad new skateboard and smiled as the young boy lit up with excitement.

The officers apprehended the teen at 2:30 a.m. after he was caught with a group of friends playing on the train tracks. When the officers brought him home to speak with his parents, they realized the kid had a pretty rough home environment.

That’s when the officers decided to all chip in and buy him a brand new skateboard. They delivered the present to the young boy at 6 a.m.. The 13 year old was speechless when he saw the cops there with the skateboard. The cops even stuck around to watch him do a couple tricks.