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One Nice Police Report

A small act of kindness can go a long way with incidences that have been giving the police force a bad reputation. Unfortunately, thanks to the media, ValueWalk says that all police officers have been tagged as means and reckless.

This is not the case with one cop who has proved to be bettering the relationship of the police force and the community. Recently, a small act of kindness done by a Virginia State Trooper has made headlines to prove that not all police officers are bad and cruel.

A mother and pediatrician in Danville, Virginia, has posted a photo with a comment that has gone viral. This post concerned her son who got a flat tire while he was driving home. Officer Matt Okes, found him on the side of the road and decided to wait with him until he got his tire fixed. This post currently has over 18,000 shares on social media.

Officer Matt Okes, when approaching the citizen, did not ask any rude questions, but instead knelt down to assist with changing the flat tire. The officer even positioned the lights of his car to make sure that other drivers could see Joseph’s Owusu’s car on the side of the road.

The mother of Joseph posted this picture and comment to make sure the public saw both sides of the story. She states that there are a lot of good people in America that many people do not know about.