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Francisco Domenech: Managing Partner at Politank

Francisco Domenech is one of the strongest supporters of the Democrats in Puerto Rico. He currently works as a managing partner at Politank, developing strategies that would represent the interest of private entities and organizations in government-sponsored forums. Francisco Domenech is also a licensed lawyer, and he used his profession in the past to advance his political ambition. At the age of 27, he represented the Puerto Rican Senate and argued on behalf of it, and the case that was being heard is about the case of Igartua de la Rosa. He is also actively participating in hearing cases at the Puerto Rican Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

He was appointed in 2005 to become the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico, and it was Puerto Rican Senate President Kenneth McClintock and the Puerto Rican Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose Aponte who chose him for the position because they knew that his experiences with politics in the past would help him succeed in the new career presented to him. Francisco Domenech did his job well, and during his tenure is the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of Puerto Rico, he initiated projects like the expansion of a legislative library, providing access to the physically disabled and the blind, and leading a summer program for interns. Read this Article at

As he managed to build his political portfolio, many candidates, especially from the Democrats, have seen that he can be an effective campaign partner. He was invited by Hillary Clinton to serve under her party during the 2016 United States Presidential Elections campaign. Francisco Domenech did his job well, campaigning for her and other candidates running under the banner of the Democrats. However, it seems like his strategies failed as Donald Trump in the last elections defeated Hillary Clinton. Despite what happened, the Democrats still consider Francisco Domenech as a valuable member of the party, and today, he is busy managing Politank. He stated that he would like to have his business expand to new heights, helping the private sector and the government to work together for a common goal. Follow:


Previous Running Mate Endorses Trump

Ted Cruz took to Facebook on Friday to announce his decision to support Republican nominee, Donald Trump. He said he prayed and thought hard about this decision and followed through with his promise to back the Republican nominee this year. Go to Buzzfeed for more information on why Cruz withheld support until now. Cruz says he based his decision on this previous promise to back the Republican nominee and his desire to beat Hillary Clinton at all costs. This decision has already caused a fall in Senator Cruz’s popularity in Texas. The backlash from his statement of support could affect his upcoming 2018 senatorial reelection.
Trump has claimed that he is honored to accept this support when previously this summer, he claimed he would never accept Cruz’s backing. The relationship between these two men up to this point has been hateful at best. Some could see the mending of fences happening with these two through recent events. Cruz publicly thanked Trump on twitter for endorsing him on a government funding bill. Trump put Sen. Mike Lee on a list of potential for the Supreme Court. Cruz’s campaign manager even hinted at the upcoming show of support by telling voters that Sen. Cruz was thinking about his choice daily. Many believed that Cruz would not flip to support Trump after holding out so long past the other primary republican nominees.

Former Trump Models: The Rules Don’t Apply to Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has taken a strident position against illegal immigration. The billionaire has played to an audience that blames illegal immigrants for taking their jobs, promising he will deport them and even build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep immigrants out. It’s a popular stance with frustrated voters – but did Trump’s own Trump Model Management company violate immigration laws? Some of his former models say that’s exactly what it did.

In an interview with Mother Jones Magazine, Canadian citizen Rachel Blais revealed how she was hired by Trump’s agency and worked in the U.S. for six months in 2004 before she had the legal right to do so. Blais even appeared on Trump’s television show, The Apprentice, during that time period. Hers is not the only such report – other models tell similar stories of working illegally in the U.S., before the agency obtained their work visas. The women claim that Trump’s agency even advised them to lie to airport security staff that they were tourists when coming in and out of the country. They also say that they were housed in overcrowded and overpriced apartments and that a high percentage of their earnings as models went toward various fees they did not understand.

Trump Model Management was contacted and declined to comment on this breaking story.

Celebrity Cher Promotes Hillary Clinton

In a partisan election season filled with vitriol and gross exaggeration, Americans might expect that at least celebrity fund raising parties for political candidates would involve good natured humor. Cher, a beloved singer and the ex of the late Republican entertainer-turned-Congressman Sonny Bono, made an appearance in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Sunday in support of aspiring presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Her harsh words would probably not please either fact checkers or Secret Service agents, but they did certainly attract press coverage.

After receiving a warm introduction from Mrs. Clinton, Cher grabbed headlines at the event by comparing Republican Donald Trump to the late Fascist madman Adolf Hitler and Communist dictator Josef Stalin. The singer reportedly calling Mrs. Clinton’s opponent a “f**cking idiot” in a rambling rant that compared the Republican businessman to a horror film character. Then she expressed her hope he would “fall off the face of the Earth”. Harsh sentiments indeed.

Scholars still debate whether Hitler or Stalin killed more people during the World War II era. Both likely carry the responsibility for millions of deaths.

Later, after the private event in Massachusetts, Cher allegedly characterized Donald Trump to reporters. She attacked him viciously as a “misogynist”, a “racist” and a “horrible person”.

On Friday night, Cher had appeared in Miami and raised an impressive $130,000 for Mrs. Clinton. Some media pundits have speculated that presidential campaigns this year might use surrogate celebrity spokespeople to launch negative attacks deemed beneath the dignity of the candidates.

Common Ground Between Kochs and Sanders?

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, billionaire industrialist Charles Koch discussed some agreement he has with Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. This seeming agreement between the two men has drawn quite a few raised eyebrows, working off the supposition that there was no agreement between the two men.

Bernie Sanders has not wasted any opportunity on the campaign trail, or in the many years beforehand, to label both Koch brothers as being the most aggressive supporters of dark money in American politics. However, despite this obvious animosity, Charles Koch agrees with two main components of Sanders’ campaign platform: the criminal justice system operates in a fashion that takes advantage of the poor and ethnic minorities, and the American economy is designed to keep money in the hands of a privileged few.

Though Koch agrees that these are problems, he sees the remedies to them quite differently. Reinforcing his political stances, Koch sees further government involvement, what Sanders has proposed, is an element that strengthens these destructive practices. The concept of a smaller government is something both Koch brothers have supported with billions of dollars spent during election years to help conservative candidates get elected to office, both at the state level and nationally. Their political contributions are set to continue throughout the year. For the 2016 presidential race, the Koch brothers are expected to spend about $900 million in contributions, which would put them at twice the amount spent in 2012.

Their financial involvement in political races have made the Koch brothers both visible to the American public, and vulnerable to attacks over their activities. Yet Charles sees no incentive to pull back his dealings, as he sees limiting government involvement as instrumental to solving social ills. He reiterated this while also notifying the public that Koch Industries rejects government and ethanol subsidies, and their political participation is not motivated by business but by conscience.

In the case of the criminal justice system, for example, Charles Koch pointed out a clear correlation between small offenses of drug possession to a predatory practice of incarceration that institutes mandatory minimums, making any attempt at a life free from the grip of drugs a near impossibility. Showing that he’s beyond relying on low-level charges to provide reliable employers, Koch Industries has removed questions concerning criminal records on their job applications.

Apparently there exists some agreement between Sands and the Koch brothers, but, as the campaign trail has suggested again and again, the manner by which they remedy these situations differ greatly.

Charles Koch Supports Bernie Sanders Views on Income Inequality

In a rare but sudden twist of events, Charles Koch, one of the Koch brothers has come out to say that he agrees with Bernie Sanders views in regards to Income inequality. It is an interesting turn of events considering the fact that Sanders has been on a campaign publicly blasting the Koch brothers and declaring that he does not support their activities.

Charles and David Koch, the billionaire Industrialists at the helm of Koch Industries Inc, are members of a political organization known for spending hundreds of millions of dollars in political campaigns to push free-market ideas in elections. Sanders, an independent senator, a Democrat, and a known socialist however dislike them and the ideas they push. The senator, according to the USA Today consistently refers to the Koch brothers whenever he has remarks to make in regards to the “oligarchic society” the country seems to be shifting towards. The system involves a few billionaires controlling the political and economic system, leading to a widening gap between the rich and the poor.
Apparently, Charles Koch agrees with Sanders, as far as a “rigged” political and economic system is concerned. The Koch Industries CEO understands the senator’s frustrations in regards to a system that is tilted to favor a few privileged individuals at the expense of the entire population. Charles agrees that Sanders thoughts of the existence of a two-tier society that progressively oppresses millions and spells doom and poverty are indeed right. He further agrees that corporations are indeed beneficiaries of corporate welfare, while in return, ordinary citizens are neither presented with opportunities, nor a level playing field.
However, Koch is of the opinion that policies picking winners and losers are to blame for the cycle of poverty, dependency, and cronyism that is characteristic of the U.S. The scenario hampers progress and drives the country further away from a society that is mutually beneficial for all.
Additionally, Koch also shares similar views to Sanders as far as criminal justice is concerned. Charles Koch thinks that indeed the criminal justice reforms are a necessity and should be looked into.
Koch is, however, particular that agreeing to Sanders does not mean it is an endorsement in the making. Koch comments that often Sanders sounds like his running against him alongside other presidential candidates. Koch is also against Sanders’ desire to expand the government’s control over people’s lives. He thinks Sanders is very much okay with the fact that Koch is not endorsing him.

Charles Koch Facing Off with Trump in Vanity Fair Article

This presidential race is turning out to be a strange one. Charles Koch has stated in several interviews this is quite the unusual running. One of the main reasons for this bizarre political race is because of Donald Trump.

When Trump first stated that he was running for presidency, no one took him seriously. Months down the road and leading in several polls, the Koch brothers have to decide their stance on the outspoken, taboo candidate.

Koch describes himself as a classic liberal. He does not believe in the traditional party labels. His entire political quest has been to change the political culture. Believing that a candidate should be chosen based off of ideals and not which party they are aligned with.

Trump attempted to gain the endorsement of the Koch brothers early in the running, however, he wasn’t invited to any of their donor events. While they have still not officially chosen a candidate to endorse, Trumps radical views have lead the Koch brothers to take a stance against him. The Koch network has discussed how they would handle Trump. Because of Trumps aggressive nature they are carefully considering their options with the candidate. At the end of the day, Trump not having the support of the Koch network will be very troublesome for him down the road.

The majority of the Koch network is in favor of Rubio and Cruz. Having Trump win the nomination is not the worst case scenario for the group. In a scenario where the presidential election came down to Trump-Clinton, a Koch spokesperson stated, “I could see the network not participating in the presidential election at all,”

About Charles Koch
Charles Koch set out to expand his family-owned conglomerate. This goal thrown him into the political realm. He has used his monetary influence to help restructure the aging political culture. Since the 70’s, he has become one of the most political influential billionaires in the United States. Koch pushes for a smaller government and economic liberty. In this most recent presidential race at the Freedom Partners Policy Leaders conference, Koch asked the crowd, “Will you stand with us to help save our country?” Being one of the most powerful people in the world, he certainly can back up those words.