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Previous Running Mate Endorses Trump

Ted Cruz took to Facebook on Friday to announce his decision to support Republican nominee, Donald Trump. He said he prayed and thought hard about this decision and followed through with his promise to back the Republican nominee this year. Go to Buzzfeed for more information on why Cruz withheld support until now. Cruz says he based his decision on this previous promise to back the Republican nominee and his desire to beat Hillary Clinton at all costs. This decision has already caused a fall in Senator Cruz’s popularity in Texas. The backlash from his statement of support could affect his upcoming 2018 senatorial reelection.
Trump has claimed that he is honored to accept this support when previously this summer, he claimed he would never accept Cruz’s backing. The relationship between these two men up to this point has been hateful at best. Some could see the mending of fences happening with these two through recent events. Cruz publicly thanked Trump on twitter for endorsing him on a government funding bill. Trump put Sen. Mike Lee on a list of potential for the Supreme Court. Cruz’s campaign manager even hinted at the upcoming show of support by telling voters that Sen. Cruz was thinking about his choice daily. Many believed that Cruz would not flip to support Trump after holding out so long past the other primary republican nominees.

Former Trump Models: The Rules Don’t Apply to Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has taken a strident position against illegal immigration. The billionaire has played to an audience that blames illegal immigrants for taking their jobs, promising he will deport them and even build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep immigrants out. It’s a popular stance with frustrated voters – but did Trump’s own Trump Model Management company violate immigration laws? Some of his former models say that’s exactly what it did.

In an interview with Mother Jones Magazine, Canadian citizen Rachel Blais revealed how she was hired by Trump’s agency and worked in the U.S. for six months in 2004 before she had the legal right to do so. Blais even appeared on Trump’s television show, The Apprentice, during that time period. Hers is not the only such report – other models tell similar stories of working illegally in the U.S., before the agency obtained their work visas. The women claim that Trump’s agency even advised them to lie to airport security staff that they were tourists when coming in and out of the country. They also say that they were housed in overcrowded and overpriced apartments and that a high percentage of their earnings as models went toward various fees they did not understand.

Trump Model Management was contacted and declined to comment on this breaking story.