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Prison Worker Aided In Inmates Escape

It has been days since two very dangerous New York inmates escaped for an area prison. Several federal law enforcement agencies have been on the men’s trail as they are trying to locate the escapees. Individuals in the Willsboro, New York area have been placed on high alert. Schools and local businesses have been closed in an effort to keep the town safe from these two very dangerous individuals.

So far, recaps Crystal Hunt, we know that the two men strategically broke out of the Clinton Correctional Facility over the weekend. They used stolen power tools from the prisons carpentry facility to cut through a wall and escape through the prisons sewer system. They then exited through a manhole and have been missing in action ever since.

It has now been reported that a volunteer prison worker, Joyce Mitchell has admitted to supplying the two men with “some form of equipment or tools” which aided them in their escape. Mitchell was the supervisor of a prison workshop in the prisons sewing room. Here, inmates make uniforms for the Metro North Railroad. Sources say that Mitchell grew especially close to one of the inmates while working in the sewing room. It is not clear if any disciplinary action will be taken against Mitchell at this time.

The men have yet to be captured and it has been suspected that they are heading towards Vermont. The manhunt will continue until these men have been captured.