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Gyrocopter Pilot Now Faces 9.5 Years in Federal Prison

Doug Hughes, age 61, is a Florida resident and employee of the United States Postal Service. At his age, he is within one year of accepting early retirement under Social Security. He likely is vested in a company pension from the postal service which coupled with Social Security income and other investments would result in a comfortable retirement. Now, it is likely he will start his retirement early by possibly spending a decade in federal prison. The reason why: he wanted to protest the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling.

Hughes was so convinced that the ruling was corrupting politics that he flew his Gyrocopter from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to the White House lawn. He carried with him letters for the president and every member of congress urging them to overturn the ruling. As a result, a federal grand jury has concluded the government has sufficient evidence to charge him with multiple felonies and misdemeanors. His gyrocopter flight escaped detection by NORAD’s radar system. The security lapse was significant as it revealed that someone with ill intent could pull off a stunning act of terrorism.

Keith Mann has found that, despite the possibility he will serve hard time in prison, Hughes defends his actions. He truly believes that by sacrificing his livelihood and well-being, the public will rise up against the unjust Supreme Court ruling, as he supposes, and overturn it. The Post Office Inspector General is also investigating the matter because he attached a USPS log to his aircraft.