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Coworking Spaces Are Creating A New Way To Be Productive


The future of office space is already changing, and soon the old corporate environments may disappear altogether. That’s because of a relatively new development that’s been gaining traction called coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are in and of themselves offices in a sense, but in a different kind of setting. Instead of being buildings where one big company or financial institution has all of its operations, coworking spaces are where many different company employees and freelancers gather to do their own work. Most people who use coworking spaces are individuals starting up a company, such as a mobile app or online business, or even one-person businessmen and independent contractors.


The reason why coworking spaces are starting to become preferable to working from home is that working alone in your home could lead to feelings of isolation, and possibly lack of motivation to work. Or if you have a noisy home either with children running through, or roommates playing loud music, you might prefer a coworking space that fosters productive environments. Coworking spaces also come with high speed internet, usually more reliable than residential internet and have office equipment that’s already installed and ready to use. You retain your independence while working at a coworking space, so any time you need to take a vacation or schedule medical appointments, you can do so without any problems.


If you live in New York City, there are many choices available for shared office spaces in New York, but one that’s become popular is Workville. Workville is located right in the middle of Manhattan and is easily accessible from many subway stations such as Times Square and the financial district. Workville has a lot of luxurious amenities including café spaces and lounge rooms with comfortable sofas and tables, conference rooms, and terraces with a great view of the city. You can even rent fully furnished offices with dedicated desks if you so choose, and you’ll have 24/7 access to the building. You can also reserve rooms ahead of times for important events such as private parties or company gatherings. To find out more about Workville, you can go to