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Getting to Know CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has many years experience handling private equity investments. This firm has a 31-year track record in the industry, and was formed as a part of the merger of JPMorgan and Chase Capital Partners. The purpose of this company is to assist businesses with growth and buyouts. CCMP Capital invests in multiple industries ranging from consumer/retail to healthcare. The firm handles buyouts and growth investments from companies and businesses throughout North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia believes that the firm’s success derived from the combined history of the company and the professionals that they have handling the investments. The acronym CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital and J.P. Morgan Partners, which are all the organizations that essentially became CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital portfolio includes high profiled companies spanning across a variety of industries.

Stephen Murray was an essential part of the growth of CCMP Capital during his tenure with the company. In fact, he was a co-founder of the company and CEO. Many of the companies that are under the portfolio for this firm, had the pleasure of Stephen being involved and on the board. He has been with the firm’s expansion from the beginning before the creation of CCMP Capital. He started out with Manufacturers Hanover and worked with every merger and buy out. Stephen Murray was known for his expertise with the buyout industry and being the top of the pyramid in this section of J.P. Morgan Partners, all the way through CCMP Capital’s branching into an independent private equity firm. Stephen Murray was a contributor to a variety of foundations and organizations, such as the Make-a-wish Foundation. Sadly, Murray passed away in March of 2015, after failing battling with failing health, this was just a month after giving up his position as CEO due to his health.

CCMP Capital continues to maintain the roots from which they were created, as well as handling J.P. Morgan Partners’ portfolio. The firm’s current CEO and successor of Stephen Murray is Greg Brenneman, continues to show praise and gratitude for the contributions Murray made to this New York based firm during his time in the leadership role. The transactions that CCMP Capital manage and handle are estimated in the hundreds of millions in US dollars.

Although the firm is based in New York, there are many locations including London, and Texas. Throughout the induction of CCMP Capital in the buyout and growth investment industry, it has been known as one of the largest firms in the world. This success continues to follow this firm insight of the many changes that CCMP Capital has endured since its independency as a private firm was established in 2006.

Susan McGalla Talks About Her Own Business Experiences As A Woman

Susan McGalla is well known as one of the top names in fashion branding and marketing who has seen her career take many different paths over the years as she has looked to develop her career without using gender as an issue. In fact, McGalla has spent the majority of her career questioning the problems faced by women in business and looking to change the expectations and thoughts of women who are seeking to enter the business world and match her success. Susan McGalla has stated in interviews that her own career at American Eagle and now with the Pittsburgh Steelers has been lived without any thought given to whether she could achieve something because of her gender.

Susan McGalla left Mount Union College and embarked on a career that led her to the American Eagle clothing brand as a buyer. The native of East Liverpool, Ohio states she worked her way through the corporate maze at American Eagle to eventually take on the role of President and Marketing Executive without questioning herself or her career choices in terms of her gender. The only point at which McGalla questions herself is when she attends business trips and makes sure she is not the last to arrive at the very first meeting of a journey.

During the course of her career Susan McGalla has faced challenges, but has largely used her childhood and family values to guide her through to a position of success. Instead of being told she could do anything a woman was capable of by her football coach father, Susan McGalla was told she could do whatever could be achieved by a person of any gender. In her remarks about the way to encourage women to take up more high powered roles in the business community she has called for less focus to be placed on the gender issue and more on encouraging women to achieve on their own. by switching the focus from gender to those of simply achieving what is possible she believes the road to success can be made a little easier. After leaving her position with American Eagle, Susan McGalla is now an executive consultant with her own company and has returned to the football world with her role as head of strategic planning with the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL franchise. The role with the Steelers brings McGalla back to a male dominated industry that she has entered without fear or thought of how her gender may play a role in any possible advancement.

The Donald Makes It Official: He will Seek the 2016 GOP Nomination for President

The current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls increased by one more candidate on Tuesday as Donald Trump announced his bid to become president. The wealthy real estate mogul released a report of his personal net worth, and it is an impressive $9 billion. Forbes Magazine previously estimated his personal fortune at a more modest $4.1 billion. As such, the man affectionately known by many as “The Donald” is capable of fully funding his own campaign.

In making his announcement, Trump made it clear that his goal is to resurrect the American Dream, which he admits has now become a thing of the past. While his wealth certainly puts him at the upper echelons of the most elite wealthy people, Trump casts himself as a man of the people. It is true that he has never held political office much less executive office. That said, he has conducted business with China and Japan, two major currency manipulators, and has been successful. In fact, it is this particular skill which he says will allow him to craft truly beneficial trade agreements with foreign nations.

In addition, Trump made it clear that he is no friend of Mexico. Those at Amen Clinics know that. He would erect a large scale wall across the US-Mexico border to put an end to illegal immigration. His primary concern is illegal immigration opens the door to various felons to enter the United States. While the third member nation of NAFTA is sending illegals into the United States, the nation is exporting jobs south of the border. Trump aims to reverse that trend to benefit American workers.

Vladmir Putin Tells Russian People Sanctions By West Will Spur Russia Growth

Russian President Vladmir Putin hosted a rare forum where Russian citizens were free to ask him any questions. Putin started the forum by declaring that sanctions imposed by the West would create an opportunity for Russia to be self sufficient and growth their economy in spite of the sanctions. Russia received sanctions and international condemnation after its blatant take over of the Crimea and its incursion in the Ukraine. Putin touted that the sanctions, which limits Russia’s banking relationships and international trade, would not work and that Russia has the resources and productivity to grown and expand its economy. Putin Gives Country Pep Talk

Putin’s confidence was not shared by many of his patrons. A number of Russian farmers asked Putin if he really understood the impact the sanctions were having on their ability to farm and make a living. One farmer even invited Putin to come see the effects of the sanctions on his farm during the open forum.

While many such as Kevin Seawright believe that the forum hosted by Putin was carefully designed to put him in the best light and to show Russia and the world that he was still in charge, to many in the West the forum shows that Russia is struggling to deal with the intended affect of the sanctions and that Putin may not have the populous following that he portrays that he has. Economist also take exception to Putin’s statements and do not see a growing Russian economy under he current sanctions.

Oprah’s OWN Network to Feature Program about a Man with 34 Children

Yes you read that headline correctly. No, that was not a typo. I almost wish it was. Oprah Winfrey’s television network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network, creative, I know), is doing a feature story on a man with 34 children. This series is going to be a spin-off from the network’s Iyanla: Fix My Life series.

In an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, spiritual life coach Iyanla met a producer named Jay Williams and attempted to help him put his life into some kind of order. Now, according to the story on NZ Herald, Jay Williams is the star of this spin-off. The series will show Williams, who lives in Atlanta, attempting to reconnect with his 34 children by 17 different women.

The new series will be premiering sometime in September 2015. It is currently untitled at the moment.

Folks at Imaging Advantage (crunchbase) wonder: Could you imagine the child support this man has to pay? I wonder if he even has a paycheck left over after he pays the mothers.

FBI Agent Stole Evidence For His Drug Habit

Driven by his addiction to prescription painkillers, an FBI agent consumed heroin that was seized by FBI agents in other cases.

According to documents filed Friday, in a federal court in Washington, DC, Matthew Lowry, former special agent with the Washington FBI office, stole hundreds of grams of heroin, for his own use, that had been seized in investigations in 2013 and 2014.

People at Imaging Advantage have learned that Lowry will plead guilty to 64 counts of obstruction of justice, possession of heroin and property modification, said attorney Robert Bonsib. Prosecutors say the former agent faces at least seven years in prison, but Bonsib said he asked for a lighter sentence.

Because of the charges against Lowry, federal prosecutors will dismiss charges against at least 28 defendants in drug cases, and notify 150 more than Lowry had participated in investigations against them, according to the documents.

In one case, the charges against 14 suspects, accused of belonging to an organization of large-scale drug trafficking, and the subject of a major investigation in California and Washington were dismissed. The investigation into this case included warrants, physical surveillance and expensive techniques that were time-consuming to implement.

Prosecution documents claim that Lowry accessed drugs that had been processed as evidence, took the heroin evidence bags and then added a substance to compensate for the amount he withdrew. To do this, he used a food supplement or a laxative to replace those amounts, according to the documents.

A spokesman for the FBI in Washington declined to comment on the case.

John Textor and the Evolution of Digital Graphics

A thorough discussion of John Textor is inexplicably linked to the work he accomplished with his time at Digital Domain. Yet, before we can really, and truly, discuss his work there we must understand a little bit about the man himself. John Textor, like many giants of industry, did not rise up out of the ground to put on a suit and dominate his profession. No, instead there were many steps along the way that helped mold him into the business man that stands before you today. Let’s begin by discussion the early days of his education before examining how they set a course for his future.

John Textor attended university at Wesleyan. It was there that he managed to pull in a Bachelors Degree of Economics. He was an impeccable student and seemed to take his learning to heart. And it showed. It wasn’t long until Textor was fully in the thick of things in the world of business. He leaped out of school and straight into the fire of equity when he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings. Wyndcrest was a private equity firm that would go on to see incredible rates of return in its early years. The firm focused on information technology, telecommunication, and entertainment. It was these early seeds of business that would sprout Textor into the next big thing in Hollywood.

Once John felt that he had reached his ceiling with Wyndcrest he quickly moved on into his next venture. This choice would lead him straight to Hollywood via a company by the name of Digital Domain. Digital Domain is a 3D production studio based in California. They were first established in 1993 and it wasn’t long until they were changing the way that we perceived entertainment. Their early work on films like ‘Apollo 13’ would set the tone of the things to come. But all good things can falter and by 2006, when John Textor stepped on, they were looking pretty slowed down.

Of course that is where Textor would go on to make his name. He personally led over 25 projects forward with the company including such studio blockbusters as ‘Transformers’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End’. While working on these films John would also have a hand in 3D holograms. He helped get a 3D representation of Tupac, the famous deceased rapper, on stage. He now focuses almost entirely on work of that nature with Pulse.

Mark Ahn: Biotech Expert, Entrepreneur, And Educator

Mark J. Ahn Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, biotech specialist, and educator. He has a very diverse educational background. Mark Ahn’s degrees include a BA and MBA from Chaminade University, an MA in Classics from Victoria University, University of Toronto, and a PhD in Business Administration from the University of South Australia. But what really makes Mark Ahn special is his vision and drive. He has founded and co-founded a number of companies and worked in the upper level of management in many others. Dr. Ahn is equally comfortable working with start-ups or established companies.
University of Essex

In his 20 years working in the biotech the list of companies he has been involved with and positions he has held is truly impressive. Mark Ahn was CEO, President, and Director at Galena Biopharma, Inc., CEO, CFO and President of RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Co-Founder of 2 Ignite Fund and Sparkbox, and a principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. Dr. Ahn founded Hana Biosciences Inc., was CEO, President, and Executive Director of Talon Therapeutics, Inc., and director of TransMolecular, Inc.,
Mesynthes Ltd., Essia Health Inc. and Immusoft Corporation.

Mark Ahn’s extensive experience with such a wide range of companies makes him uniquely qualified to offer advice to people interested in starting biotech companies. Recently he spoke on what it takes to succeed in the industry. He said that while most biotech startups have great promise, excitement, and potentially world-changing ideas and products, smart investors should forge ties, and research alliances, and acquire minority stakes in a number of diverse small companies.

Mark Ahn said for start-ups to succeed they should stick with their plan and don’t try to follow trends because biotech product development cycles can be long and start-ups may need multiple rounds of funding. But if they stick with their business plan they can succeed. Mark Ahn has outlined his thoughts on what it takes for investors in and founders of biotech start-ups need to do to succeed in an article entitled “Biotechnology Innovation: A Legitimacy-Based View” which appeared in the International Journal of Innovation Technology Management

Mark Ahn not only builds companies of his own, he also works as a consultant to biotech companies of every stripe. Plus he works with young people in academic settings as a professor at three different colleges, Victoria University, Carnegie Mellon, and Portland State University. Ahn is the author of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and books.

You can follow Mark Ahn on Twitter.

Keith Mann a Dynamic Individual

1995 was the beginning of a long and illustrious career for Keith Mann. He became the Alternative Investments manager with Dynamic Associates. What Dynamic Associates could not have predicted was how quickly Keith Mann would advance to Senior Vice-president. In as little as five years he had been promoted to the top of the ranks.

In 2001, Mann cofounded Dynamic Search Partners. Since its inception, Dynamic Search Partners has placed over 2000 individuals with a variety of investment and equity firms. Over the years Dynamic Search Partners has built a reliable relationship with some of New York City’s major hedge fund and alternative investments firms. Keith Mann has taken Dynamic Search Partners into other areas of the financial district besides investment staffing.

Dynamic Search Partners has worked with many charitable causes such as assisting underprivileged high school students. Keith Mann has used his skills to help prepare our future leaders to get the best start in their endeavors while they are still in high school. Keith Mann has been active in several charitable organizations such as the Hope and Heroes foundation that fund childhood cancer research.

Mann continues to guide Dynamic Search Partners with a the experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed but also to build a community. It is through this knowledge Keith Mann has used his problem solving skills to meet the needs of less fortunate communities. Keith Mann’s experience in the investment and executive roles has given him insight into what would help those that are often times overlooked for higher paying and skilled positions. He has learned the best way to help those in need is to help them get the direction and education they need. Keith Mann has invested time and money working in partnership with a charter schools to help students becomes better prepared for college

Vijay Eswaran: A Quest For Business Success

Malaysian-born business mogul Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a best-selling author, a philanthropist, an educator and motivational speaker. He’s the presiding chairman of a Hong Kong based corporation QI Group which he co-founded. Dr. Eswaran ranked 25th on Forbes Asia’s list of top-50 richest Malaysian businessmen in February 2013. Now 54, Dr. Eswaran is a published author who has penned multiple books including “In-the-Thinking-Zone” (May 2008), 18-Stepping-Stones (2010), etc.

Vijay endured somewhat of an adventurous childhood touring different towns in Malaysia. The Eswaran family had jobs that required traveling. Vijay is a graduate of prominent universities in the UK and the US. He holds a degree in socio-economics which he attained in 1984 from the London-School-of-Economics. He’s a multi-talented business professional who has served different industries. Vijay thought it necessary to become a qualified businessman after exploring binary system marketing. He earned a professional qualified at a prominent UK school, CIMA. Later he earned an MBA from SIU (Southern-Illinois-University) while juggling a part-time job at Synaptics. His interest in marketing grew and after returning to Malaysia, he received a proposal from Cosway Group to start an Asian-based franchise. Soon after Vijay Eswaran started his own business, QI Group which he co-founded in 1998. It has become a large-scale enterprise which has fostered enormous success as a multi-level brand. This brand specializes in corporate investments, media, luxury products, training, travel, wellness, and telecommunications.

QI Group serves a global market sphere, including regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The company has a presence in another ten countries through subsidiary partnership. Vijay continues to create and inspire future entrepreneurs through different media channels. He has changed the lives of countless youths through his Vijayaratnam and Rhythm Foundation. Both charitable organizations help Vijay to share his positive messages as he mentors and educates the community. In July 2011, Forbes Asia recognized Dr. Vijay Eswaran as a “Heroes-of-Philanthropy” recipient. In February 2012, he received the NGI (New-Global-Indian) accolade at the GIBM (Global-Indian-Business-Meet) held in New York. Vijay bagged accolades for two categories, business excellence, and philanthropy.

As a modern business veteran, the budding generation looks to Vijay for guidance. He has addressed fans at prominent seminars focused on business, leadership, and management, including the sixth Pravasi-Bharatiya-Divas, the WEF (World-Economic-Forum) and other events. His most recent achievement includes an accolade for Regional Philanthropy which has been endorsed by the celebrated ASLI (Asian-Strategic-Leadership-Institute) held in Malaysia.