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Effectiveness of Contactless Payment: PSI-Pay

The report that was announced by the British Retail Consortium indicates that most of the transactions such as purchases are done using credit cards. And that made the PSI-Pay to affirm that cashless payments are taking over the market and in collaboration with Kerv Wearables they are campaigning on cashless payments, and they are introducing he contactless payment. The contactless payment is the most effective and quickest way to facilitate transactions in the United Kingdom. The Kerv has released the contactless payment ring that customers can use in the market, and it is surpassing the traditional transaction methods.

For over ten years the contactless payments have been in use in the market where a third of the transactions have been carried out in the UK. Further, the Church of England adopted this method of payment where donations are collected in over forty churches. PSI-Pay says that the contactless payment will help the users to purchase and carry other transactions securely in the market.


So that the contactless payment is convenient to the customers, the two companies have launched a proprietary ring that is designed in various sizes to fit both genders. More so the ring is durable and has the ability of waterproof hence it is difficult to get damaged and destroyed. Therefore, those that have contactless payment rings or cards according to PSI-Pay Company they only need to tap them on the POS terminals. The process doesn’t need the user to use and personal identification number (PIN) and for that reason, the transaction is limited for security purposes.

It is imperative to understand that PSI Pay Company is famous in the global market for its technological services when it comes to payment of transactions worldwide. Its services are crucial as they make it possible for the revenue generated to have a remarkable increment. Financial Conduct Authority regulates this company hence the contactless payment is guaranteed to be safe. PSI serves both international and local businesses where the transparency, efficiency, and clarity are witnessed. In addition, PSI provides prepaid accounts to more than 170 countries around the globe and all over the European Union with electronic money.