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Sonny Bill Williams Goes to Extreme Lengths to Exercise

A determined New Zealand rugby star with a partially-ruptured Achilles tendon recently posted a video of himself online exercising. Sonny Bill Williams expressed his resolve to remain muscular and ripped, despite his injury which prevents him from walking easily. He strapped a skateboard to his moon-boot enclosed cast, so that he could work out on a rowing machine while keeping the injured leg extended.

The athlete recently participated on behalf of the New Zealand Kiwis in the 2016 Olympics, but suffered an unfortunate tendon rupture during a match against Japan. The injury sidelined him for the rest of the games. He helped the Kiwis win the World Cup in 2011 and 2015. Just prior to flying to Rio di Janeiro, Sonny Bill Williams agreed to play rugby until at least the 2019 World Cup. He plans to join the Blues, a team based in Auckland and coached by Tana Umaga.

The Daily Mail reported Sonny Bill Williams previously competed in heavyweight boxing as well as rugby. He won the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship in 2012.

The August injury will prevent the New Zealand rugby star from participating in rugby for at least six to nine months time. It meant that he could not finish the season with the All Blacks rugby team. He also missed the opportunity to play in the Bledisloe Cup Series. His determination to keep working out during his recovery might not please some physicians, but certainly does display an iron willpower!

Impeachment Charges “Ridiculous” Says Christie

With only two years to go in his final term as New Jersey governor, Chris Christie now has to worry about whether the Democrat-controlled state assembly will move forward with plans to impeach him over the so-called Bridgegate scandal. Remember that one? 2013 lane closures on the heavily-traveled George Washington Bridge between New Jersey and New York City turned out to be a political vendetta to create chaos.

The question is whether or not Christie had knowledge of the scheme. The republican governor claims he didn’t, but a key witness who has already pled guilty to knowledge of the scheme appears ready to testify in court that the governor’s denial doesn’t hold water. A source spoke to NBC 4 in New York, estimating there was about a 50-50 chance that Articles of Impeachment would be filed for obstruction of justice.

The decision on whether or not to take an impeachment vote against the sitting governor resides in the hands of Speaker Vincent Prieto. A majority vote of the 80 member assembly would be needed to proceed. Christie’s impeachment trial, if it comes to pass, would take place in the state senate, where two-thirds of the senators would have to vote in the affirmative to convict.

The scrum takes on a more national meaning when considering Christie’s role of advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Rumors are circulating that Christie might in in line for attorney general in the event Trump is elected.

A spokesman summed up Governor Christie opinion on the matter with a single word: “Ridiculous.”

Hillary Clinton Reaches Out To Milliniels With Galifianakis Interview

The latest episode of Between Two Ferns has taken the internet by storm. Everyone seems to agree to agree that the short Hillary Clinton interview with Zach Galifianakis is hilarious, not matter what side of the political aisle they are on. The interview seems to be gaining so much traction because it addresses Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings in a comedic way.

The interview starts off with the fact that she had pneumonia. It simply lists her name underneath her as it would with any other television interview, except underneath her name it simply states “had pneumonia”.

The comedic interview is dominated by the hilarious Galifianakis, who at one point is accosted by the Secret Service. Flustered, he continues with his off brand of comedy as he asks the Democratic nominee a series of awkward questions.

This viral video comes in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s outreach to millennial’s. The Democratic nominee has had a tough week in the polls, consistently dropping to Republican candidate Donald Trump. Her numbers are especially weak among young people and this video is an attempt to get a boost from that age demographic.

The last political figure to do a Between Two Ferns was Barack Obama. Now the president sits high in approval ratings across the country, which is incredibly rare for a lame-duck president. Hillary Clinton is hoping that the video does the same for her. And the video ends with a bang, with Galifianakis asking Hillary Clinton what is the best way to contact her. “Email?” he asks.