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Jason Halpern, Entrepreneur Reinventing and Restoring the World of Luxury Real Estate

To be a property owner makes the American Dream possible. More than just investment skills and money, it is also necessary to have an ambitious vision and a generous heart in order to become a fortunate and successful man. Jason Halpern embodies that ideal. It is not a coincidence that he chose a career in the business field. This talented entrepreneur comes from of a family that has over 50 years of experiences in the construction, renovation, and selling of commercial buildings and residential properties.


In 2010, Halpern decided to boost JMH Development, a company that is dedicated to improvement and general services in the real estate business with a unique style in the restoration and conservation of historic structures and transforming passive warehouses into opulent residential apartments.


This was an excellent and innovative idea right away. Halpern understood the opportunity presented to him in the midst of a growing market that included the reappraisal of properties or turning them into wealthy investments in the prime and prosperous cities of the United States like Brooklyn, Miami, and Manhattan, where there exists a strong demand for luxury rental houses and people that can afford it.

Jason Halpern is a skillful and reliable real estate developer, property manager, and owner of the most incredible properties in the country. In its early stages, JMH Development invested $500 million in New York, but after he took over the family business, he pursued many more projects and expanded the business in Miami, Florida. Over the years, Halpern has a passion for building in historic districts. His unique style of development holds respect for the communities in which his company operates.


One of his successful goals involved transforming buildings into comfortable apartments and condos with appropriate dimensions that could be less expensive but maintain the same luxury and quality as the rest of condo towers in the same area. Halpern is convinced that this is a very efficient model and profitable deal. For this reason, JMH Development invested around $55 million in this plan.

Jason Halpern never stops producing innovative ideas about investing, owning, and managing. The work of his team continues reaching above the market’s most incredible expectations. His company wants to contribute to prosperity and growth according to existing needs. He is a careful entrepreneur who studies well all the possibilities for making successful investments in residential and commercial properties.


This past year, Halpern announced his intentions for investing in luxurious condos on Tiny Surfside in Miami Beach. In this way, JMH Development continues expanding the chain of successful businesses and properties that are strong, stable, and of the highest quality.