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Jason Halpern, born to be a real estate developer

Jason Halpern is the founder of one of the most successful real estate development firms in the United States. Jason founded JMH Development in 2010 after taking over the family business. With a new name and a new strategy, Jason was able to expand the foundation that was built by his family. Thanks to his innovative ideas and expertise JMH Development has been able to become a full-service real estate development company. Throughout the years, JMH Development has been able to successfully develop commercial and residential properties. Jason has no plans on slowing down his company’s progress. Previously, New York was the only state that was able to witness the skills and expertise of JMH Development. Real estate markets located in Manhattan and Brooklyn have been developed thanks to Jason. Cities such as Miami Beach are now able to see the creative approach of JMH Development. Other highly desirable markets around the United States have also been able to benefit from the experience of Jason Halpern.


One could say that Jason’s love and passion for the real estate market began when he was younger. Jason would go to work with his father on a number of occasions. While at work with his father, Jason was able to visit construction sites, attend meetings, and get an idea of what a property developer does.


Following his father to work was not the only way that he prepared for becoming a property developer. Jason knew at a young age that the real estate industry required a dedication and a great work ethic. While in high school, Jason began working in the property development field. He was not afraid to get his hands dirty, and as a manual laborer he did just that. In addition to becoming a manual laborer, Jason was also able to take the position of being a property manager. All the jobs that Jason acquired during the summer allowed him to gain much needed experience.


Jason’s passion for the real estate industry has allowed him to form a company that is able to provide many needed and wanted services. JMH Development is capable of assisting clients with branding and marketing, building design, and even the construction of real estate properties. Having all of these services available prevents clients from going to other companies. JMH Development understands the needs of clients and therefore they have created services to meet those needs.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Jason’s hard work and dedication to his career and company has allowed him to become one of the more reliable property developers in the United States. His name speaks volumes within the real estate industry and as a result his company is able to continue to receive new clients as well as keep the current clients coming back.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

The Aspire, By Boraie Development, Anchors New Brunswick’s Renewal

Just steps away from the New Jersey Transit Train Station and overlooking Rutgers University, you will discover The Aspire, a 17-story residential luxury high-rise building offering 238 spacious apartments, that introduces elements of the Manhattan lifestyle to New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Aspire, privately developed by the Boraie Development, LLC, is one of many projects that anchor a 40-year commitment by investors to redraw the residential, academic, and commercial landscape of downtown New Brunswick.

According to a January 2015 article published in the NJ Spotlight, confidence in the emerging potential of downtown New Brunswick began in 1975, when Johnson & Johnson, one of many global pharmaceutical companies located in New Brunswick, made a major commitment to stay in the city. Although the urban renewal has been excruciatingly slow, downtown New Brunswick continues to rebound under the influence of the New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco), private development firms on, the mayor’s office, and Rutgers University. Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of Development for Boraie Development, LLC, credits New Brunswick’s leadership stability and the recent athletic and academic success of Rutgers University for the downtown turn around. According to Boraie Development, millennials desire for ease of transportation, economic incentives and a friendly live-work-play environment make New Brunswick and his centerpiece development, The Aspire, the right fit for residents and potential newcomers.

The features and options of The Aspire on, which include a lounge and catering kitchen, yoga center, on-site parking, and concierge service, make this the premier address for luxury in New Brunswick. According to Boraie Development, potential renters who value the above-mentioned amenities available in this high-rise luxury residence have overwhelmed the leasing office. There are several well-appointed floor plans, from studio to two bedroom apartments, offered at The Aspire. In addition, all units feature oversized windows with spectacular views of downtown New Brunswick, and include an array of gourmet kitchens with custom cabinets and state of the art appliances.

The city offers a sophisticated lifestyle with a wide variety of upscale restaurants, an art district with several art galleries and theatres. In addition, numerous projects continue to add to the city’s renewal, including a city center project consisting of office and research space, several hundred housing units, and retail opportunities called The Hub. Boraie Development also plans to break ground in the near future on a commercial site intended to attract additional tech and biological science firms that can profit from the proximity to Rutgers University. 

Real Estate Predictions for NYC

New York City real estate appears to be undergoing a bit of a sea change, as predicted in a recent article by The New York Daily News. This article predicted eight predictions for the NYC apartments for rent market in 2016 and the impact of these changes will in total lead to a decrease in real estate prices and slower deals between buyers and sellers.

There are various factors for the sea change noted above, but overall the major reasons noted was the increase in the value of the dollar and volatility in foreign markets which reduced investment in the NYC real estate market by foreign investors, the increase in interest rates both in 2015 and predicted increases in 2016 which will raise the borrowing costs for borrowers, and just general malaise in the market after the large run up in real estate prices since the Great Recession. Since the market downturn real estate prices have been accelerating and there has started to show a larger gap between borrowers and sellers of real estate, which was identified in a quarterly real estate report by one of the premier New York City real estate agencies, Town Residential Real Estate.

Town Residential is one of the leading real estate agencies in New York and has a long history in serving customers in the market. They identified in their quarterly report many of the same trends that the New York Daily News is predicting and many of the same causes.

Other predictions cited in both the New York Daily News article and Town Residential report was a belief that new development projects would continue to prosper and prime real estate locations would also attract significantly attention, while existing buildings and sub-prime locations would suffer, comparatively speaking. Buyers are expected to be more aggressive in their offers and deals will take a lot longer to be consummated with sellers either lowering their asking prices or offering additional incentives to lure buyers in. As such, these factors will result in a more challenging market overall.