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Hollywood’s Youngest Celebrity: Dream Renee Kardashian!

The youngest celebrity to attract headlines, little Dream Renee Kardashian, arrived in the world on November 10, 2016. The baby’s safe delivery by C-Section pleased everyone. Her parents, father Rob Kardashian and mother Blac Chyna, agreed to permit the filming of the birth for a television special airing on the E! Channel. The infant’s photo has already appeared on websites such as Instagram and The Huffington Post.


An anonymous friend of the parents recently explained the selection of the child’s unusual name to the media. Her first name, “Dream”, honors her father’s lifelong desire to have a baby. Her middle name “Renee” comes from her mother’s given name (which was not actually “Blac Chyna”). Blac Chyna’s given name of “Angela Renee White” provided the source for the infant’s middle name. The baby will assume her father’s surname, of course, a recognition no doubt that her parents intend to tie the knot soon. Rob Kardashian posted a photo of his daughter side-by-side with his father on Instagram.


Naturally, with the upcoming Sunday evening entertainment special already scheduled to broadcast on December 12th, a lot of global media attention surrounded the arrival of the youngest Kardashian. Her delighted parents did not even manage to open a Twitter account on behalf of their offspring until a full two days following her arrival! (Fortunately, when she learns to read and write, Hollywood’s youngest celebrity will enjoy a waiting audience keen to follow her tweets.)