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The Lovable Return of British Pop Star Rick Astley

It has been almost three decades since the musical charts were rocked by an unlikely British singer whose soulful voice, strange dance moves and unique style came to define the late 1980s.

Rick Astley is by no means a one-hit wonder; however, music fans from the Millennial Generation are more likely to know him from an online joke that predated the meme era. Rickrolling is an amusing Internet practice that consists of talking someone into clicking on a link and surprising them with a video clip of Astley’s massive hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Getting Rickrolled is hilarious because it is both unexpected and delightful. The video was shot with cheesy production values, and Astley’s dance moves are a bit unusual. The song, however, is undeniably catchy and Astley’s strong baritone voice sounds as if it was blessed by a Motown angel.

Many people who fell for the Rickrolling joke were exposed to Rick Astley for the first time. They watched the video and turned to Google to investigate the man with the pompadour and the amazing voice. It so happened that Rickrolling led to a resurgence of interest for Astley, and his new fans were delighted to learn that he decided to record a new album at the age of 50.

Astley is currently on tour in the United States. He is appearing at modest venues that are selling out quickly. His fans are a mix of people who enjoyed his work in the 1980s and younger music lovers who discovered him through Rickrolling. The tour has been a success.