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Yeonmi Park Rights Activism

Human right involves giving every person equal rights of expression despite the different ethics. International law has been in the forefront in advocating for the rights and supporting local institutions on matters human rights. Besides, everyone should live a happy and discerning life. The most and well-known human right activist in North Korea is Yeonmi Park. She is the voice of her people and has been seen both as a hero and traitor. She is a 21-year-old who typically understands and has a command of Korean, Chinese, and English. Currently, she is a student at Dongguk University in Seoul where she majors in Criminal Justice. Park has devoted her life to bringing to light the suffering by the people of North Korea. Her work has been aired in various platforms including the different newspapers and media such as Voice of America and BBC2.

Yeonmi is a volunteer on in Now Action Unity and Human Rights and the Ambassador of Tech North Korean Refugees. Just recently, she unveiled a book that clearly elaborates her story. She comes from a well educated and political family background. She later escaped to China because her father had been sent to jail, and they found life extremely harsh. Since her speech in One Young World in 2014, she has raised celebrity status. In her tender age, she has made a tremendous impact on YouTube for her work, for she has over two million transcribers.

In 2009 February, she received aid from human rights activist and Christian Missionaries that was instrumental to her current work. After the escape from North Korea, they traveled through the Gobi desert and settled in Mongolia. In the journey, the saw a lot of tribulations that included a border guard threatening to return them to their motherland. On the instance, they threatened to kill themselves if he did not let them go. The proclamation got the guard moved, and he allowed them to get out of the country.

While in South Korea, they took jobs for sustaining themselves. She worked as a waitress while her mother was an assistant in a shop. In the whole journey, they have lost their sister who disappeared earlier in North Korea. However, they later reunited. Park has been an inspiration to a lot of young women who have always wanted an opportunity to express themselves. On the same note, people of all ages, in North Korea, have seen her for a source of hope for a better future.

Park also served as a co-host at a North Korean Talk Show where she discussed various topics that were related to the life of refugees after they escape. Park believes in perfection and possibilities that one day her country will be at peace and free from the undesired oppression. She narrates that it is important for the people of North Korea to understand the reason for their rights. Also, he lets them know that in some parts of the world, freedom is guaranteed. In fact, she quotes North Korea for being a better country where rights of the citizens are upheld.