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The History Behind Sapphire Engagement Rings

In this day and age we typically see women receiving diamond engagement rings. Marketing has made this a prominent part of our world. Surprisingly a new gem ring has begun to grow in popularity among new couples when they become engaged. Sapphire engagement rings are all the rage now.

Kate Middleton may partly be the reason why the sapphire ring trend is taking off. Her engagement ring is the very same large oval sapphire that Princess Diana wore when she was married to Prince Charles. The ring is a very dark blue sapphire that was the shade of royalty in the fourteenth and fifteenth century. The sapphire gem center is encircled by small diamonds. It is a beautiful ring. Younger generations are also far more likely to select a unique ring, compared to older generations.

Sapphire engagement rings have been popular in other times of history. They were very popular first in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the home of many valuable sapphires. For 2,500 years the sapphire has been used in jewelry and in prized treasures in Sri Lanka. In the thirteenth century the sapphire rings became a popular engagement ring in Europe. The people of that time believed that if a person was impure their sapphire ring would fade. One of the popes of the time decreed that people should wait an engagement period before marrying to see if the gem’s color would fade. If it did, the man would end the engagement. The fourteenth century had another rise in popularity for sapphires, because it was seen as a royal color blue. Deep blue sapphires were used by royalty to wed. Some other couple’s also used this trend, although they likely didn’t use such a large deep blue sapphire as the royalty of the time. Sapphire rings again took off in Victorian times.

Sapphire rings will again fade in and out of popularity in the future. For the time being, you should get a blue sapphire or other colored sapphire ring for your love. If a sapphire is your heart stone, then the current sapphire trend is perfect for you.

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