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Watson Towers Recieves New CFO: Michael Burwell Takes Over

Willis Towers Watson recently experienced a notable change in management when they initiated Michael Burwell as the new CFO of the company. Burwell has been an essential member of the field of finance for several years and possesses an impeccable amount of experience and expertise in the field. He has worked in a variety of financial positions in the field and has brought on several improvements and developments to the companies that he has worked at. This expertise and experience have brought him a long way to becoming the name that he is and is something that has greatly benefited his career.



One of the first companies that Burwell began to work at was a financial firm known as Price Waterhouse Coopers. Pricewaterhouse Cooper excelled in offering a range of financial services and was the place that Burwell learned most of what he knows today. He stated that the company was one of the best learning grounds for him and taught him most of which he took along with him through the course of his career. This being one of the initial experiences that he had in the financial field, Burwell knew that he would have to find a way to gain as much as he could from the company. He actively tried to seek out mentors and saw the way that they worked and functioned. He adopted a lot of their positive principles that they were known to exude, which is something that greatly benefited the overall work that Burwell did for the company. Refer to This Article to learn more.



The financial field is not the friendliest and the competition that exists here is tougher than ever. Even in the face of adversity, Burwell knew that if he wanted to be a notable name, he would have to stand up be the best that he could be. This attitude helped him immensely as he worked his way up the ranks and ultimately, Michael Burwell was offered an important position within the management of the company that he worked at. One of the first high points in his career was when he started working as the head of the U.S. transaction services.


It was a prestigious position and was what the years of hard work had culminated into. Even though this was a prestigious position, Michael Burwell knew that he still had a lot more growing to do. Over time, he was promoted to the position of CFO of the company, and eventually become the COO.


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The Unsurpassed Financial Skills Of Michael Burwell

Willis Towers Watson, a top worldwide advisory, broking, and solution firm pronounced Michael (Mike) J. Burwell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer last year. Mr. Burwell was announced the new CFO by a global advisory, insurance, and reinsurance broking specialist. Mike replaced Roger Millay who retired willingly on October 2, 2017. Michael Burwell has been in the finance and transaction industry at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for 31 years.


Mike has served in leading companies in senior jobs including Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the USA, Head of Transaction services in the U.S., and Head of Global Transformation among others for the last ten years. Mike has benefited Willis Towers Watson (WLTW) with 11-year experience of audit and a 12-year experience as an advisor of Transaction Services. Mr. Burwell is famous for helping clients solve grand problems such as assisting firms with valuation and pre-merger due diligence. Refer to This Article to learn more.


During the announcement, the Chief Executive Officer of WLTW, John Haley commented that the company is excited to have Michael joining the leadership team of WLTW at a critical juncture of the company’s growth. John added that Mike is good at leading, managing, and driving results in an all-round, global company whose primary focus is satisfying clients. John Haley stated that he was confident that Mike’s expertise in transformation, finance, and transaction is suitable to guide the company’s long-term growth and integration efforts which will allow the company achieve its full potential. John also took the opportunity to thank Roger Millay for his amazing leadership and full contribution to the growth of Willis Towers Watson. He added that Roger is leaving the company much stronger for his service and well suited for future success.


Michael Burwell said that he was honored to have the opportunity to join Willis Towers Watson. He added that in all his interactions in the company, he was very impressed with the commitment to clients, the collaborative and inclusive culture and strength of leadership. Mike said that he was looking forward to contributing to the success of Willis Towers Watson. Michael J. Burwell is a popular specialist in the transformation, finance, and transaction industry who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Mike has worked in various positions at Pricewaterhouse Coopers for several years, and he helped the company achieve its dreams. Michael Burwell is a high-end entrepreneur who has helped many clients facing financial and transaction issues.



Michael Burwell: The Newest CFO of the Willis Towers Watson

For more than 200 years’ operating in the same industry, the Willis Towers Watson has always considered someone’s background when it comes to the selection of the company’s new employees. They wanted everyone to have an excellent resume, and those who are noticed by the company’s HR departed will be given a chance to work for the company. One of the newest individual chosen by the company to work for the Willis Towers Watson is Michael Burwell. Being the chief financial officer, he is tasked to oversee the financial concerns of the company and think what the best way for them to do is. Michael Burwell is also well armed with not less than 12 years when matters related to pre-merger valuation and due diligence are concerned. The company has been dealing with everyday struggles and speculations, and they have to employ someone who would be giving them an assurance about the operation of their business.



The Willis Towers Watson was founded in 1828, and the company is offering the best financial and investment services to the people. They are also one of the largest brokers in the United States Stock Market, and they have been ordering their employees to work for the customer’s advantage. The selection of Michael Burwell as the new CFO of the company was the decision of the higher-ups, and they wanted a new face who would lead the company to success. He will be taking the position left by Roger Millay, as he was already getting older and a new experienced leader must rise up. Read This Article for related information.



With over three decades of experience in the field of finance and investment, Michael Burwell wanted to let his employers know that he is indeed the right man for the job. The executives back at the Willis Towers Watson have also expressed their excitement to meet Michael Burwell in personal. John Haley, the company’s CEO, have even toured Michael Burwell to let him know how the places looked like. He stated his excitement to work with Michael Burwell, and he also added that an individual chose to work for the company is lucky enough because they would be receiving a lot of benefits. Burwell also believes in longevity and applying maximum effort towards any role that he is tasked with.



The current number of employees today working for the Willis Towers Watson is at 40,000, spread in 140 countries around the planet. Michael Burwell thanked the company for choosing him as the next chief financial officer, and he promised that he will be doing his best to keep the company up into its pedestal. Michael Burwell would have to start working with the company ASAP.



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