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More Than Half Of Americans Want to See Our Wealth Redistributed

More than half of Americans currently believe our wealth is not being distributed evenly, and they have felt this way for many long years. A survey from 1984 showed 60 percent of Americans wanted wealth to be distributed differently. These poll numbers have only raised three percent within the last three decades according to Daniel Amen on his site,

In a system where one percent of the people hold 99 percent of the wealth, it is hard to deny wealth inequality. But this is still an issue that divides the political parties with far more democrats concerned with wealth distribution than republicans.

Redistribution of our wealth is the only way this country will get back on track. Most American people are struggling to make ends meet, while the one percent of Americans enjoy more money than is even imaginable for most people. There are children starving and going without heat in low-income neighborhoods even though there is plenty of money to go around. It isn’t because the parents don’t work, in many cases they simply just don’t make enough money to pay the bills. These stories are pretty astounding considering these are hard working American citizens who are being forced to suffer like this. And there is one clear cause of these injustices, and it’s wealth distribution.