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UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Delivers Goods to Standing Rock Protesters

Champion UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has been in the news lately after losing her fight last month to fellow fighter Amanda Nunes in just under a minute at UFC 207. However Rousey is back in the news for something more charitable this week, according to the story on


Rousey, along with Pauline Macias, who is also an Olympic judo athlete, took a road trip together to visit Standing Rock in South Dakota and bring supplies to the protesters who are camped there protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. It is said that Rousey and her friends brought the protesters tents, wood-burning stoves, bread, fresh fruits, and veggies. A protester who met Rousey said that she was smiling a lot and seemed to do her best to stay under the radar and not get any recognition for her contribution.


It was rumored during the Presidential election last year that Rousey was a supporter of now-President Donald Trump. While campaigning, Trump had told the media that she was a supporter of his. However after that statement became public Rousey replied that she would not vote for him or support him being in office as President. Earlier this week President Trump signed an executive order that would allow the United States Army Corps of Engineers to continue work on the Dakota Access pipeline. This had been previously halted by former President Obama.