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Swift Justice For Roseanne

Roseanne is a popular show that airs on ABC. It’s the second time around for the sitcom. The fact is that the sitcom returned with the same cast and a few new faces. Still, the show had the same old charm and attracted a new audience along with old fans. Soon, the show rose in popularity and became the top show on the network. However, the star of the show, Roseanne Barr, was a bit of a loose cannon. She made several controversial statements that made the fans of the show take a second look at her. Recently, the star of the Roseanne show made some very repugnant comments about Valerie Jarrett. Valerie Jarret was a former Obama adviser.


Great Success To Failure

Roseanne was on a roll. People related to the show because the characters seemed very familiar and easy to relate to on a personal level. Roseanne even received a message from the president congratulating her on her successful show. However, Roseanne’s great comeback is stained by the weird comments that she likes to post on social media sites. In fact, a wide variety of people have criticized her odd ball remarks on social media about conspiracy theories.


Abhorrent Statements

Roseanne took it upon herself to post racist and very abhorrent messages about the former Obama adviser. Certainly, this was very shocking to many people. Her rants on Twitter did not go unnoticed. The executives at ABC were fully aware of her abhorrent and derogatory remarks. ABC executives stated that Barr’s statements were not in line with their values and they quickly cancelled her show.

Rosanne, a Rich Legacy of Horrific

It’s not often I open my mouth and nothing comes out. This wasn’t due to a medical condition, nor that I had nothing to say, and it definitely wasn’t due to Ambien, or a sleepless night. I am known to have my opinions and to share them freely. So why when asked about the firing of Rosanne Barr for her racist comments on a Twitter rampage was I silent; let’s just say it took me back to a moment in time.


Baseball’s rich history is a slice of Americana; the vision of generations of families crowding the stands to cheer for their home team, and singing “Take me out to the ballgame”. Visual disruption, I attended the San Diego Padres game 25 years ago, the night Rosanne Barr halfheartedly screeched the national anthem. After her horrific performance, she proceeded to literally spit on the ground when booed by fans. This was appalling, even by Rosanne standards, and went viral without the assistance of Twitter and other forms of social media.


It took years to erase the tarnished image she left behind with baseball. Rosanne claims to be stupid. I wouldn’t argue this as she hasn’t learned from her mistakes, which is something smart people do. Maybe she feels these vulgar displays are working for her and thrives on the attention she receives. I applaud ABC for cancelling her show, now if they can reassign the workers she displaced we can all move on and my words will come back.