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Rose McGowan Delivers Harvey Weinstein “A Happy F**king Birthday” Message

The once Hollywood mega-movie producer turned 66 on Monday, and actress Rose McGowan wanted to make sure she sent her personal birthday message to him for the world to see.

McGowan used social media site Twitter to deliver the video birthday greeting early Tuesday morning. It’s a 32-second video message wishing disgraced former bigwig Harvey Weinstein “A happy f**king birthday.”

McGowan enjoys a Twitter following of more than 915,000 people. In her message to Weinstein, she looks into the camera in a tight shot, reminding him that 20 years ago she told him she would be coming for him if he ever laid his hands on another woman again. She says “We win.”

The Twitter video has been retweeted almost 500 times so far and viewed by almost 60,000.

In a report by the Huff Post, Harvey Weinstein had allegedly abused McGowan in 1997, but he has since claimed that all the sexual relations he had with women were all consensual. There have been some 80 alleged victims who have come forth, and all of them claim sexual assault and/or harassment at the hands of the former movie mogul.

McGowan has become a lightning rod for the #MeToo movement, an umbrella of solidarity for millions of people from Hollywood and everywhere else to come forward with their stories.

Meanwhile, The Weinstein Company has fallen on hard times and declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday.