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Rudy Giuliani Confirms Divorce Rumors

Former New York State prosecutor and long time mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, has reportedly announced that his marriage of 15 years is over. Speaking to the news outlet Page Six, Giuliani confirmed that his wife Judith has filed for divorce.

Ina statement given to Page Six the 73-year-old politician asked that the public grant he and Judith privacy as they go through this difficult time. He did sugar coat the split, saying that there are problems on both sides and hinted that the divorce may not be the most amicable in the history of divorces.

The Manhattan Supreme Court records show that Judith filed a divorce with the court and that it did not go uncontested. Given the couple’s assets and celebrity status, the divorce proceedings could continue for years. The couple do not have an

The couple were married in 2003, just two years after Rudy completed his last term as the mayor of NYC. He unsuccessful ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2008. The couple married when Rudy was 58 and Judith ten years younger at 48 years old. Each had been married twice before and the third time was certainly not the charm for either party.

Giuliani is a bit of a folk hero in New York City, credited with reducing the rampant crime that the city was infamous for prior to his arrival in the 1970s. As a prosecutor he successfully investigated and put behind bars several of the city’s organized crime bosses.