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Russell Brand Reveals He Auditioned For a Boy Band

Today, movie audiences know Russell Brand for such comedies as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Rock of Ages. Music fans know him for once being married to pop star Katy Perry. Once upon a time though, Brand could have been a music star himself.


Brand recently appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show to discuss upcoming projects, but Corden was interested in a bit of his past as well. “Is it true,” Corden asked him during the talk show, “that you auditioned for the boy band Five?”


Five, or 5ive as it is typically written, was created in the mid nineties by the same team that put together the girl power group Spice Girls. It consisted of five young men who remained together to sell 30 million albums and embark on several concert tours around the UK for several years. They were popular across Europe and Asia, but by 2001 had broken up, with a few different reunions attempted over the years that followed.


Brand admitted that yes, he had auditioned to be a member of the group when it was being formed. Brand joked that when he was younger he “made many mistakes,” giving the audience a chuckle. He and one of his friends, during a period when he was recreationally using drugs, decided it would be a lark to audition.


Brand recounted the story of the audition, in which he brought alcohol with him and set it down on the desk, before he sang “More Than Words” by Extreme. He said, “it was a disaster,” and added that by the end of his audition, everyone was “looking down in disappointment.”


Corden and Brand agreed that Brand would have been the maverick in a boy band – the troublemaker and first one to break away. Oh, what could have been.


Brand can next be heard in Despicable Me 3. He voices Dr. Nefario for the animated movie.



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