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‘Loving’ actress Ruth Negga pleased to get a Meryl Streep shout out

When Meryl Streep won her Golden Globe this weekend, much of the focus was on the latter half of her speech, in which she discussed the “performance” of the President-elect instead of her fellow actors and the importance of the press. Before that though, she also name checked many of the performers being recognized at the award show who were from very different backgrounds. One of those actors is Ruth Negga.

Negga, an Ethiopian-born actress raised in Ireland, has seen her star rise in the U.S. thanks to her role in ‘Loving,’ inspired by the true story of an interracial couple in the 1950s. She’s also one of the leads in AMC’s ‘Preacher’ and had a recurring role on Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD.’ As she explained to Jimmy Kimmel during an interview though, Meryl Streep recognizing her during her speech left her floored.

She joked at first that it was a little “creepy” that Streep knew where she was born and raised, but also said that she was still “floating from that” recognition. Saying she hadn’t “absorbed it yet,” Negga paused to add, “when would I ever absorb it?” She termed the experience “surreal” and a “complete dream come true.”

Streep, with decades of roles and accolades from critics and award committees alike, has long been held up as a role model for actors who want longevity in the business, and who want the ability to play any role. Negga, who has mastered a bevy of accents and never performed a role with her own Irish voice, is well on her way to Streep level roles.