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How The Rowing Team At Orange Coast College Has Found So Much Success

For a two-year college, Orange Coast College (OCC) has a remarkably successful rowing program. Despite going up against the top four-year university rowing programs Orange Coast College’s teams have won 11 national titles. They went for their 12th title in the 2017 rowing season.

Rowing is a purely amateur sport that involves the power and grace of each individual rower working in unity with their teammates. The captain of the team leads the others and in the 2017 season this position was occupied by Daniel Amado. Amado only recently returned to rowing as he had broken a disk in his back while competing for Los Alamitos High School. He credited the strength he had built through rowing as the reason he was able to get over this injury.

Steve Morris used to be the coach of the rowing team at OCC before other responsibilities in his life needed more of his attention. He now serves as the teams assistant coach which doesn’t entail as much of a time commitment. Talking about rowing, he has said that what he enjoys about the sport is that each rower is working in perfect concert with the other rowers. He said they have to keep perfectly in time or else the rhythm is ruined and the boat won’t go as fast as it otherwise would.

Showing the success of the OCC rowing program, to date 10 of its participants have gone on to compete in the Olympics and world championship events. Many of the rowers go on to row at the programs that exist at four-year universities across the nation. The current coach of the team, Cameron Brown, has said that many of the rowers have gotten much better at the sport at OCC because of the discipline and friendships they have developed at the program.

OCC first held classes in 1948. It is now the third largest community college in Orange County, California. It offers two-year associate degrees as well as certificates of completion. There are about 24,000 undergraduate students at the school and many of them go to four-year universities after completing their education at OCC. Learn more: