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Is Scott Disick up to His Old Tricks?

Scott Disick is no stranger to the spotlight. After a marriage to Kourtney Kardashian that produced three children, Disick was constantly in headlines as a part of the Kardashian clan. While Disick and Kardashian’s marriage failed, the couple remained close friends over the years, even sharing a California home together.

In May, Disick made headlines after an excursion in France with Bella Thorne. Although both deny any romantic involvement during the Cannes trip, photos show the couple enjoying close-up time together. Now, Disick is making headlines once again, this time after being spotted with the 19-year old Thorne at CatchNYC in celebration of Steve Aoki’s album release.

Thorne appeared on McCarthy’s SiriusXM satellite radio show just days before the July 17 sighting, telling McCarthy she and Disick have never been together sexually. Whether the relationship is sexual or not, the couple have certainly been spending a lot of time together.

Although the couple say they’re just friends, spectators say the couple was lovey-dovey throughout the night, showing PDA often. Thorne arrived at the event shortly before Disick, and parted shortly before him as well.

It seems that the self-titled ‘Lord’ is up to his old ways again. We all remember the hard-core Disick during his years of partying, which ultimately led to a short stint in rehab, and from spectators POV, the dissolution of his marriage to Kardashian.

The two recent sightings with Thorne aren’t the only ladies that Disick has been seen with. During a party in The Hamptons, Disick was seen making out with Emma Blanchard. He’s also been spotted with other ladies at various clubs and establishments.

Perhaps the new, old Disick has something to do with his ex-wife’s new beau. Kardashian has been dating Younes Bendjima since the end of last year, although she’s still not publicly recognized the relationship.