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Seattle Genetics & The Vision of Dr. Clay Siegall

If you’re familiar with the term Antibody Drug Conjugate or (ADC), you’ve probably heard about Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics, located in Bothell, WA; is one of the leading cancer research facilities in the world and the company has experienced dramatic growth over the years. Seattle Genetics is expanding it’s pipeline of pharmaceutical drugs and has it’s most commercialized drugAdcetris, being tested in over 70 Trials. These (cancer treatment scenarios) are used for gathering information on the drug and the results are expected to make the largest impact on the company to date. The company is going through yet another hiring spree and planning on bringing in around 100 extra employees to it’s U.S. office and another 20 employees to it’s Switzerland office sometime in 2016. Seattle genetics is expected to put out a large amount of data on three of it’s additional bladder and breast cancer drugs for public viewing.

Being this successful isn’t by chance and Seattle Genetics is no exception. The company’s success comes in part of it’s(CEO) Clay Siegel. Dr. Siegall has a passion for helping those who are need and the company’s innovative technology is saving lives. Dr. Siegel has a long list of accomplishments and an extensive resume. This George Washington University Graduate has a Ph.D in Genetics and also a (B.S.) in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Clay Siegall’s vigorous ambition has transformed Seattle Genetics while separating it from the pack.

Dr. Siegall’s background is of excellence and he has worked with numerous corporations such as, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The National Institute of Health, and National Cancer Society. At the same time Dr. Siegel serves on the prestigious boards of many institutions such as Mima Therapeutics, Alder BioPharmaceuticals, and Ultragenyx. Clay Seigall and Seattle Genetics offer targeted cancer therapies and provides numerous amounts of data for public viewing. All in all, the future looks bright and Dr. Clay Siegel is leading the way not only by examples, but by actions.