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Selena Gomez Announces Plans to Focus on Her Health

Popular singer Selena Gomez has announced her decision to take a break from her career and focus on her health. Having completed part of the Revival tour supporting her 2015 album of the same name, she wants to be “proactive” and try “everything possible to be [her] best,” she explained in a

Before releasing the Revival album, Selena revealed to her fans that she had been diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disorder. She recently shared that her symptoms have included depression, panic attacks and anxiety, and she needs to deal with these symptoms before she can concentrate on her musical career. Selena has been praised for drawing attention to the seriousness of lupus, and her supporters are sure to appreciate her candor about the way the disease is affecting her mental health.

Her popular Revival tour was scheduled to last until the end of 2016, but Selena hasn’t commented on which tour dates she’ll be cancelling or how fans can get their ticket prices refunded. It’s unclear if her comments meant she’ll simply be slowing down her grueling schedule; in addition to touring, she’s been busy starring in several films and starting work on producing a television show. Hopefully, Selena will reveal that she’ll finish her tour while recuperating between stops. For now, fans will have to wait for further news from Ms. Gomez.