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How Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall Came into Being

As one of the largest and most popular entertainment, shopping and dining destinations in the bustling Brazilian city of Joao Pessoa, the Manaira Shopping Mall is a familiar place to just about anyone who lives in the region. Since opening in 1989, the mall has become a prime place for local residents to not only socialize shop and have fun but to take care of business. While exploring the mall, it is easy to overlook just how ambitious the project was. By learning more about its development as well as about Roberto Santiago, the man behind it, you will quickly see that it was a long time coming.

Roberto Santiago didn’t start out life dreaming of owning a shopping mall. Born in July 1958 in Paraiba, he always had a natural talent for writing. Later, he would also delve into directing and producing. A well-rounded man, Roberto Santiago also has many hobbies and pastimes, with motocross and bowling being among his favorites. Although he started out writing and even operated a successful blog, he decided fairly early on to get an education and to break into the world of business. To make this happen, he earned an undergrad degree from Pio X Marist College and a degree in business administration from University Center of Joao Pessoa. Learn more on Mundo Do Marketing

The ambitious young man didn’t have the means to purchase prime real estate right away. First, he took a position at Cafe Santa Rosa. Later, after accumulating some savings, he was able to invest in a local cardboard manufacturing company. This paid off well for the aspiring entrepreneur, who earned good income through this venture. He used much of the money that he saved from that to purchase a prime plot of land right in downtown Joao Pessoa. This is where Manaira Shopping Mall stands today.

Roberto Santiago didn’t want to just offer another boring mall to local residents, so he filled his with all kinds of great features. Its more than 280 shops are joined by a video game arcade with more than 200 machines; a bowling alley; a fitness center; a movie theater with 11 screens and stadium seating; and Domus Hall, a rooftop, two-story exhibition hall that can accommodate more than 8,000 people for special events.

Without question, Roberto Santiago has already left an indelible mark on Brazil. He’s still very young, so he doubtlessly has many more things in store. Read more articles on

The Best Backpack and Suitcase Brands To Put Your Stuff In


Traveling is a huge pain in the butt, but it’s not as bad when you have good luggage.  If you move around a lot, you would be surprised how important this can be, and how much easier it can make your life.  That’s why I’m breaking down the brands you should already know about, if you want a bag that’s more than just a piece of cloth to hold your stuff.



    • Jansport: One of the most popular backpack brands, Jansport carries many different styles of backpacks for a good price. Their backpacks are known to be durable while still being lightweight. Children in school can use them, as can adults on a business trip. You can’t beat the range of colors and patterns for the affordable price.
    • Nike: This brand is most commonly known for their shoes. Over the years, they have broadened their horizons to create a slew of great products, including backpacks. While some of the styles can be on the more expensive side, they share Nike’s habit of being made of great quality and care.

  • Adidas: Customers can expect a reasonably priced backpack when choosing Adidas. They are known for delivering quality sporting goods and their backpacks are no exception. Their backpacks are versatile, lightweight, and stylish.


The Best Suitcase Brands For Frequent Airport Travelers


  • Rockland: As far as price is concerned, these suitcases are at the lower end. Rockland is known for producing brightly colored suitcases with wacky, cool patterns. While the price is right, these suitcases aren’t the best option for business trips, but they still represent top luggage brands.
  • Samsonite: Some consider this company at the top of the list for suitcase brands. Prices vary, but a few things are guaranteed like durability, quality, and functionality. These suitcases are good for both personal and business use.
  • Delsey: This brand is known for their lightweight suitcases, most suitable for short business trips. The price of the suitcases is reasonable and they have a variety of options in styles, options, and colors.